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Obligatory first post

Well hello everyone

I'm Daniel or how the internet likes to call me n0brein. I'm currently living and studying interface design in Berlin, Germany, the worst country for videogames... Except from design and videogames I'm really into music, concerts and clubs, I play in a band and make some music on my own in my room and it is as good as playing the best videogame in the world over and over again :)

Here is a quick write-up of how I found out about dtoid and how I decided to stay:
After browsing through some websites selling videogame t-shirts I found a shirt with an awesome looking robot on it. I fallowed the link under the shirt and found this website. That was in december 07...

It took me quite long to get signed up on dtoid, the whole cashwh0re.com thing really helped :D but since I'm a really lazy person I was just reading the awesome articles without really contributing to the site. After almost a year I started commenting, and now with the new forums I started posting on there and I'm having a great time :)

As you see, this post is like a billion years to late, but yeah, I still wanted to do it ;)

Everybody likes to show of there gaming stuff and so do I and here is my shit

teh nintendo games

Unfortunately that's just a tiny bit of my gaming stuff, but I just moved from luxembourg (tiny country in the middle of europe) to berlin some months ago and it's like a 900 km distance, but if I have more stuff here I'll put it up :)
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About Daniel Carneiroone of us since 10:12 AM on 12.06.2007

n0brein here, ja ja I know, stupid internet name...
Usually people call me daniel, and you can do so if you want to :)

I got into gaming when I was a reeeaally little kid, the first game I've ever played was prince of persia on my moms pc when I was 3 or 4. Until today I haven't reached the fourth level on my own, my dad always had to help me with the tricky doors, but enough of the ramblings!
You can find me in the forums or on irc :)

the twitters
my band

^ bestest people in the world
Xbox LIVE:n0brein
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Steam ID:n0brein
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