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Unlikely movie coming out akin to Half Life


For some this may seem like a stretch but this weekend I saw one of the most epic trailers ever. It was attached to Push but you can see it online now and it is definitely worth your time.

This should be seen in the best quality so click to see: 9.

Yeah yeah "oldz, lulz" but for those who don't know, it is a Tim Burton film. I've never been a huge fan of his films but this one I can't wait for. Perhaps it is some of the visual scenes or the ton/atmosphere that gives me a Half Life feeling. Or simply put, it could be that it seems just so amazingly epic and that is what HL was. Of course you have to tolerate the music but it gets the job done.

Probably the best way to sum it up is if Half Life and LittleBigPlanet had a baby. Then those babies grew up a bit and got pissed off cause someone wrecked their world. It is a win win situation!

Also, those look like Striders, huh?
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