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Gametrailer's Resident Evil Restrospective


I'll admit it. I think the stories in the Resident Evil games are throw-away zombie cliche trash, but damn do I not care when it came to the first few games. You know, the ones that actually scared you.

Gametrailers.com's video game retrospective series is going on to tackle the Resident Evil series' history. It's good timing as always because RE5 is just right around the corner. It's been a while since we've played a game that's followed up on 3. Some of us may need to be reminded of what happened in this unnecessarily convoluted story.

It goes into detail on story, and a few industry tidbits, and a tiny bit of subjective commentary on voice overs and controls.

I think I've expressed how I feel about the series' dated control scheme and its inability to scare me without gimping my movement, but I still get a bit nostalgic when I see the early Playstation title's tank controls. I just love that they turned early hardware limitations on the player. I'm sure everyone who's played those games remembers the loading screen masked by creepy dark doors. You never knew what was going to be on the other side!

I look forward to seeing more of this retrospective. I'm not buying Resident Evil 5, but I'm sure as hell interested in this little history series.
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