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Random Thoughts: How similar ARE shmups to rhythm games?


I really like games that take a lot of practice to master. Games that you can learn in a few minutes, but then you can continue playing them for years, and still be getting better.

When I went out and bought a Dreamcast in August, I discovered the awesome world of NOT burning as many ISO files as I want to play. I got games like Jet Grind Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Space Channel 5, and of course, the amazing Shenmue (I have an actual copy of Shenmue though). The game that I has been getting the most of my attention is Ikaruga though. At first I was so freaking bad at the game, I didn't even know that you could switch polarities by pressing the B button, but when I learned how to actually play the game, I was freaking addicted. I played the game every day. Now I have it on my 360 so I can play turn my TV on it's side and play in Vertical Mode (which is so worth the danger of breaking my TV by the way).

I have always been very good at rhythm games. I was addicted to Guitar Hero III for half a year, Ouendan 2 is one of my favourite DS games, and I can't wait to try out Pop'n Music when I go to Japan in 60 days (yeah, I have a countdown in my head). Also, like shmups, rhythm games can take a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. The immense feeling of satisfaction you get from getting 100% on that one song, or one crediting Ikaruga (something that I have never been able to do) is simply awesome. There is no better feeling.

I remember back to the Mega Man 9 episode of RetroforceGO!, where the hosts were discussing how fun it is to play the levels over and over again until you can finally get to the end and beat the boss. Games like this could also be put under this category.

If anyone wants to play some Ikaruga on Xbox Live with me, my Gamertag is garison25. :)
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