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Why Goodwill is f***ing awesome.

So I was in the area the other day and decided to stop in my local Goodwill not really expecting to find anything and low and behold I find this shit... why someone would throw away such awesome things is beyond my comprehension!

All this was wrapped in packing tape with a $40 price tag... how could I resist! Not ever owning a Genesis in my life I felt the need to expand my retro collection.

Then I saw these babies behind the glass for a couple bucks a peice, sure they are all mostly shovelware aside from gargoyles which no its not based on the old disney cartoon. Just noticed now its hard to make out what the gameboy games are, from left to right: Duck Tales, Capcom Gargoyles, Skate or Die Tour De Thrash, and Bart Simpson's Escape From Camp Deadly.

So needless to say stopping in your local goodwill at least once every two weeks is probably a good way to stumble on some awesome retro goodness.

And now a little something from the land of the rising sun I picked up on E-Bay and just got to me today.

Cost me $208 after it was all said and done, but let me remind you if you look on ebay its selling for close to $400 used and this one is basicly in brand new condition, everything was still wrapped in the original plastic like it had never been touched. Needless to say my tax return is almost gone now from all this retro goodness and I've still got more genesis games on the way from ebay.
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