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Comic Review: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life Vol. 1


Bryam Lee O'Malley
Oni Press

We rarely get any western comics that deal with relationships that are actually worth a purchase. I generally don�t even seek these books out. I�m more of a capes and cowls or crime book kinda� guy. The last book I read that even comes close to Sott Pilgrim�s Precious Little Life is the Boondocks comic strip compilation (All the Rage).

This book is a bit deceiving. It starts off like an average true-life story. Scott�s a 23 year old kid who�s living off of his gay friend Wallace. He�s in a band called Sex Bob-Omb (every gamer should get that refrence). He is inappropriately dating a 17 year old girl named Knives, and falls in love with an older �Amazon.ca� delivery girl.

Yes -- this book takes place in Canada (Toronto), �ey.�

It all really just seems like it�s based in reality and nothing really preternatural will happen. For the most part, that�s exactly it. It�s only �till you get to the end that you�ll realize why I say this book is deceitful and when the premise of these books is revealed. That�s not a bad thing though. It�s actually my favorite part of the comic. The amazing thing is that Brayam's writing makes even the most ridiculous moments seem normal.

The characters aren�t the most unique, but they�re easy to fall in love with. Scott is a pretty known caricature. He�s the upbeat, lazy, semi-dumb nerdy guy who, while confident, has aspirations that seem impossible for him to reach. His friends are equally typical, but there�s a charm that comes from people you can relate to or feel you know. They�re pretty well written, and they�re not as silly as Scott.

The art is very minimalist. It�s in that black and white manga style. Bayam draws and writes everything himself, and while it isn�t exciting, it is aesthetically pleasing. It did find it difficult to tell the difference between �Young Neil� and Scott at first though.

It�s pretty easy to pass this book up. It doesn�t seem to stick out, but like the clich� saying goes, �you can�t judge a book by it�s cover.� It�s not the deepest comic out there, but damn is it fun. I say you should pick it up. You may end up falling in love like I have.

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