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REMINDER: Final Fantasy XIII countdown ends in 10 hours


This is just a reminder, but in approximately 10 hours, the timer on Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XIII official site will end.

Personally, I'm pulling an all nighter. I hooked my computer up to my big screen TV, I'm inviting friends over, I'm mixing cocktails, and we are having a FUCKING BLAST partying all night long. But in all seriousness, I am actually pretty excited as to what this could bring. Could it be something monumental, like the fact that the game is coming out TOMORROW? Or is it just something dumb, like new screens or something?

I hope that it is more information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. For some reason, I find myself a lot more excited for this game, even though we know next to nothing about it.

One thing is for sure thoug, we North Americans probably won't be playing any of these games until AT LEAST first quarter '10. And that depresses me greatly.
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