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Silent Hill: the game that I never played.


To tell you the truth, I have NEVER played a Silent Hill game. I know that the Podtoid and Podcastle guys are really into them, but for some reason or other, I have yet to play one of the games. I need to play one of these games soon, because they are where the survival horror genre of games came from, and I like me some survival horror. I was thinking about picking up the relatively new Silent Hill: Homecoming for the 360. I heard that it was an above average game that got kind of looked over, but at the moment, I just don't have the money to spend on a new game. I am supposed to be saving up for a School Trip to Japan (STtJ), in April. I have been kind of saving up for about a year now, but I just keep spending my money on all these games. You see, I have never owned a PS2 before, so when I got a PS3 in the summer time, (the MGS4 bundle :P), I discovered this entire new world of gaming that I knew existed, but never really paid any attention to. As of today, I have 11 games for the PS2, and 4 for the PS3. Some of my favourites so far are Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 4, Katamari Damaci, and Gitaroo Man. The PS2 inside of my PS3 has gotten a lot more playing time then the PS3 inside of my PS3 has. I mean, there are just so many awesome games that haven't played, and I can't stop buying games for it. So ANYWAY, back to talking about Japan. I need to make a list of shit that I need to pick up. I really want to find a copy of Rhythm Tengoku, as I don't want to wait until NOVEMBER (!!!) to play this game. I want to find a copy of Mother 3, for the GBA. I don't even know how rare that game is right now. I assume that it might be hard to find, but maybe I'll find a copy in Akihabara someplace. I need to get those Final Fantasy Trading Arts when I go to the Square Enix store. Does anyone know of anything awesome that I could relatively easily find in Japan?

Anyway, what was this blog about, again?
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