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Link jumps ship for 30 secs/Zelda on PSP?


ZOMG!!11!! The "mysterious" counter clock ticks right here but the big secret is revealed about the "upcoming" Zelda title to renew its roots. The only thing is that it is coming out on the PSP!

How can this be? Did Nintendo whore out their cash cow to Sony for a little bit of side bills and a helping hand? The world of fanboys would be completely and utterly ruined! But it is NOT cause triangles =/= Triforce and three triangles are not trademarked by Nintendo so anyone can use them not just Nintendo.

Now with that out of the way, let me introduce to the game from Marvelous the teaser was actually about. Yuusha 30 (Hero for 30sec.)

Check out full scan here

PSP action game that has four game modes. It is made with classes that play differently (duh?) and includ but not limited to: hero, princess, and knight. The trick to it is you only get to control them for 30 seconds each for each round.

One of the modes is the Hero mode that is a 2D side scroller with its very own sprite graphics. Prince mode is more like a vertical shooter. And for you old skoolers, there are RPG elements such as leveling up and field events. Man, Marvelous thought of it all, huh?

Now you understand why there is a clock? It isn't some game where you get to play as young and old Link. That was already made and called Ocarina of Time. Not to mention the clock resets after 30 seconds but who saw that part?

And yes it will probably be released in the US cause of this tidbit..

If Rising Star is publishing it you can count on two things

1.) it�s not going to be in Japanese in Europe

2.) Marvelous USA or another third party publisher will release this in North America.

So, how much do you want?

[Via SiliconEra]
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