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PC gaming ain't goin nowhere bitches.


There is no way in hell that PC gaming is dying out and you have lost your damn mind if you think that. PC is where games are born and flourish outside of their release dates. They are real community things where you can mod to your hearts content til every single thing about the game you played is totally different and a brand new experience. Let's see a console pull that off. You think you can play COD4 on the console and expect to see guns from Halo in there? Hell and no. Or maybe a reskin of Alyx to be Samus to play through some Half Life 2 on your 360? Didn't think so. Also, with your TF2 on 360 or PS3, can you go and get hundreds of different maps or make your own for your locked in consoles? How about some updates on occasion? And let's go to RTS's too, are you gonna be playing Starcraft for hours online on your 360 or Wii? No? What a shame. What's that Timmy? Want to play some Counterstrike on your 360? Oh, you can't? Cause they don't support that? What's that? They still don on the PC? But why, Timmy? It isn't new and shiny and making lots of money for developers, why would they still have maps and skins and servers for it? It's fun you say? Lots of people still enjoy it and support it you say? Well let's go teabag some of them right now Timmy.
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