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The second week with my XBOX: Microsoft are control freaks!

After posting last week I started with Lost Odyssey which is a great game. Unlike Blue Dragon this game actually felt like a Final Fantasy game. I really enjoyed the game from start to finish (although I still have some side quests left), but the game has some major problems.

Although Lips sounds like a really good idea. Everything besides the singing in the game doesn't work very well. The motion sensors in the mics are pretty bad and often don't work. Making sounds in the game via motion sensors or pad is stupid and sounds bad. The scoring for important songs has nothing to do with the song at all. Also using anything but the original music video looks incredibly misplaced. All in all it's a beautiful SingStar clone with a lot of useless stuff added unto, that adds nothing to the game but rather disturbs the game.
What really angered me with the Lips experience is the fact, that there is no easy way to import mp3s to your 360 via USB. Although the manual of Lips says, that Zune, iPod and other mp3-players are support, ONLY Zunes and iPods are supported. Unlike the PS3, where you can easily copy mp3s or videos from any USB device to the internal, Microsoft decided to not allow players to easily copy things over, which is annoying. Anybody who says, that the 360 is more user friendly or a better media center than the PS3, is stupid.

After finishing some more side quests in Lost Odyssey, I may try out Infinite Undiscovery, although all I heard about the game was really bad.
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