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Harvey Dent isn't dead? LAYM!


First he is alive, then he is dead Then he is alive then dead. How long will this go on. Btw, he is alive? I would say ftw, but I think it is ftl in the long run. But this time Aaron Eckhart has some new words to spill...

Of course this is his words and not Nolans. And he does think overrated Depp and Jolie would be good as villains which is not good. Maybe they will do what they did in the first film and have TwoFace in the beginning of the film but then dealt with like with Scarecrow. But either way this reminds me of video game talk out there, especially when Eckhart even went on record saying, "No. He is dead as a door nail." You know what that means kids? TwoFace is still alive and Aaron can't keep his mouth shut in the public eye.

Regardless of the case, they should stop the series after the upset that was The Dark Knight. We don't need more overrated Bale and that obnoxious, heavy voice he does.

[Via MTV]
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