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The first week with my new 360

From money I got for christmas I went and bought myself a 360.

After updating the system for quite a while (well still shorter than updating a PS3), I created an avatar, that looks nothing like me and went ahead and downloaded myself Braid and Banjo Kazooie.

First of all the NXE may be better than the previous version, but it's still pretty bad and annoying to navigate. Why is it that starting a disc based game is A and starting a XBLA game is Y or A for the menu and than A again? That doesn't make any sense at all! Also the store is bad and stuff are hard to find. I kinda wonder, why people complained about the old PSN store and can live with this.

Unlike the demo for Braid, that I really didn't like and that actually is pretty bad and dumb, I really enjoyed the full game. World 2 is pretty uninteresting, but once I got to World 4 I was totally hooked. Especially the ending of the game was a very intense experience for me.

To go together with Banjo Kazooie I rented the new Nuts & Bolts, but I really didn't enjoy that (I don't want to drive around. I want a stupid collectothon.) and went back to play the original from XBLA. And I love that original so very, very much.

One of the main reasons I bought a 360 is Blue Dragon, that I finished today. In retrospect Blue Dragon is a mediocre JRPG with a pretty uninteresting story, but with nice Toriyama character design. Overall I enjoyed myself with the game though.

The next game for me will be Lost Odyssey, that I heard only good things about. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.
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