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1Up: I loved you, I'll miss you.


I�ve come to pay my respects.

With all the drama going on in the community - people leaving and others complaining, the news that EGM is gone hit hard. Tyra Tuesday couldn�t even cheer me up. It feels as if I�ve lost a close friend, or rather, a bunch of good friends.

I�ve never met any of the folks over at 1Up, but the amount of exposure I got to their personalities made me feel like I knew them. Between pod casts, blogs, internet articles, and EGM, I knew these people. It makes me wonder if games journalism is a viable career option at this point in my life. I haven�t devoted the time I�d like to towards that goal, but now I discouraged to even try.

It may sound pathetic, but these podcasts were actual highlights in my awfully monotonous life. I�m a podcast junkie, and about half of the crap I listened to was 1Up. I even listened to the stuff that had disinteresting topics. It was something to do while I did other things. It was something to do while I had nothing to do, especially the video podcast, 1Up Show. That was like the icing

It�s sad how na�ve I was when I heard EGM was going away. I thought, �well, it�s not too bad. I�m sure they�ll move everyone to 1Up and I�ll still have all these podcasts.� A few minutes later I picked up on a conversation in IRC where someone linked me to a list of the people who were being fired and my stomach began to churn. �Greg Ford, Anthony Gallegos (AKA Chuf Money), Andrew �Skip� Fister, Andrew Fitch, Shane Bettenhausen, Phillip Kollar, Nick Suttner� - the list went on and on.

Sadly, 1Up Yours will not confirm that the weekend�s arrived for me anymore.

RIP 1Up Network: You�ll be remembered just like you were loved.

The 1UP Show Theme - Jane Pinckard & Eric Haller

P.S. - I'd like to thank Destructoid for paying their respects on the front page. That was pretty rad of you guys.

P.P.S. - I�m going to start doing monthly comic reviews on my sidebar over to your right. Check �em out whenever you get a chance.

This month�s comic is Scott Pilgrim. Any feedback will be welcomed on my blog or a PM.
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