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Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf or Death [NVGR]


The story, in summary, is that Wallace & Gromit set up a succesfull bakery when a series of murders starts occuring in the local area, primarily of bakers. As this news appears, so does a woman for which Wallace falls in love with. The way the story pans out is a sort of faux-murder mystery esque pantomime.
The jokes are subtley funny, as they always have been, as well as a particular favourite showing the rivalry between Nick Park's home county, Lancashire, and my home county, Yorkshire.

It really was a fantastic 30 minutes and proof that proper, decent television is still around and is being made.

So, to Nick Park, I salute you for making my Christmas that bit more awesome and I suggest anyone remotely interested should try and dig it up to watch.
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