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Thank You for Introducing me to Fallout 3, Niero ["I Won" post]

Sorry for making this a short one, guys, but I tried posting a long thank you with a sonette last Tuesday and the Dtoid post editor ate it up. I think it happened because the title disappeared and I clicked post without a title. I don�t know, I just know that I was pissed as fuck.

Anyway, last month I won a random drawing on the WePC contest. I had my choice of Fallout 3, Mirror�s Edge, or Ninja Town DS. Seeing as how Mirror�s Edge was �secretly� bought as a Christmas gift to me (I found out because the cousin my mom took to pick out a game for me didn�t know it was a gift and asked me how it was. I know, he�s retarded) and I totally DIDN�T get Ninja Town for my R4 (not so impressed but quirky little game), I chose Fallout 3, even though I�m not too into western RPGs. The reason? Like the �RetroForce Go!� guys, I too think they�re too fucking complex. I prefer JRPGs �cause I�m a story-bound kinda guy and they�re not incredibly confusing.

After a shitty morning in which I was sure I bombed two semestral tests, I got home and lo and behold, a package was waiting for me.


Of course, I don�t exactly trust it but I�ll be sure to use it. Sadly, at my age true sex is scarce and so it shall remain in my drawer for a while (unless Santa brings me a girlie for xmas :)

This was the part where I talked about my Fallout 3 impressions in my original post, which the Destructoid gods deleted. This shall never happen again because I�ve wised up and will write posts on MS Word from now on, but if anyone�s wondering: I liked it. I really, really like it as in I put off studying for the test that I most cared about (Biology = my career) just to play it a few more hours. About 13 hours in one of the busiest weeks in the year might sound like a small feat, but it sure wasn�t.

So, thank you Niero, and thank you Destructoid. If you ever do a Dtoid Cancun again I�ll try to be there just to use the condom on you all.

* Niero, let me know if there was anything else inside. The package was ripped open in customs and the mailman wrote a note saying it looked pretty mauled.
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