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All My Team Fortress 2 -or- Why I Need a new CPU.


I'd Love That

Next Free Weekend, I decided to try the Spy.
No Mas.

I pulled out the Demoman instead.
Shit was hilarious. I wasn't killing motherfuckers, but I sure as hell was scaring the crap out of people with some well placed grenades. I had players running for the hills, they where confused and dazed and angry. It got to a point where someone put on a mic and said "WHO THE FUCK KEEPS DROPPING RANDOM NADES?".

He then got sniped(not by me). Best match ever.

But what was the real story behind this, was the fact that the well placed "random nades" where not on purpose, but on accident. My pervious acceptable framerate had dropped about 5 points, and to ad insult to injury, my mouse sucked donkey balls. Total accident, but none the less, the best accident ever. Cthulhu never did me so much good. I'm ready to serve, Old One. I am ready.

Now a few months, about 200 bucks in Magic: The Gathering cards, a PS3, Burnout Paradise, losing my PS3, and other random shit later, I bought Team Fortress 2 for $19.99. Hear I am, thinking I'm going to finally test out what I can do with the classes I haven't played with yet, mainly the Heavy and the Engineer.

Nope, servers are down for maintenance.

So, the next day right? I'm totally gunna call a spy on a bluff, right?

Well, not exactly, the game barely runs at times, crashes (few and far between), freezes randomly, and just plain won't load at times.

All because I'm 1ghz below the minium requirements. 1 freaking gigahertz.

Anyways, what I have been able to play out of it is quite rewarding, I haven't gotten any achievements, but I almost killed someone.


Anyways, here's to me and becoming a PC conformist. I bought TF2. I will not regret it once I get a new CPU.

And a 360 Controller with that USB Wireless Link deal.
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