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What Wii Need: Kirby!

Nintendo has created a monster. A little, white monster.

With the Wii topping console sales charts around the world (with no apparent signs of slowing down) that statement could be taken quite literally. With the aid of the DS, Nintendo has seemingly all but captured the elusive "non-gamer" market and once again become the premier household name in video gaming. However, it's been said that Nintendo may have let their mainstay, "hardcore" crowd out in the cold just a little, thus far in the generation.

Welcome to What Wii Need: A series of articles devoted to voicing the wants of the real Nintendrones for the Big N's latest console.

Today, we get into the pink stuff. Of course I'm talking about everyone's favorite Star-surfing little cream-puff.

Kirby started his admirably simplistic life out on the Gameboy back in 1992. A five-level game which composed of the round little hero inhaling enemies and fighting the evil blue mallet-wielding penguin Dedede to save his outer-space home. The game's creator (Masahiro Sakurai of Smash Brothers fame) intended the title to be played by video game beginners. Little did he know Kirby would find his way into the hearts of Nintendo's core fans.

Kirby's Adventure was released onto the NES in 1993, as one of it's last titles, pushing the console to it's limits in sound and graphics. Than in 1995, Kirby's SNES outing gave him a new ability - one which has become a staple for the series ever since: the power to mimic the abilities of the inhaled enemy.

The rest as they say is history. Kirby has spawned a franchise of twenty games and his own cartoon and is still very much alive in the hearts of Nintendo's core scene. With Nintendo's Wii running the show, thus far, isn't it time we got some pink in our lives?

The Nintendo DS Kirby games have seen a fairly decent amount of success so far, and I have to admit, I love playing through the little guy's misadventures myself, one after another till I've hit my Max Kawaii Level - for that day at least.

But it's been many, long years since we've seen the main Kirby series return to the console-side. I think it's time for him to come on back.

However, I'm not interested in some newfangled 2.5d Kirby game. In my perfect world, Kirby would stick to his roots in a Universe filled with beautiful hand-drawn sprites and long, fun levels with lots of enemies to gobble up and mimic.

And when you think about it, the Wii is the perfect home for our chubby little protagonist. A console practically dedicated to attracting casuals who may have not had the chance to fall in love with such a cute, simple hero and cute, simple gameplay. And honestly, what more would you need from the Wii Remote than to turn it on it's side and use it like an NES controller?

Do you think Kirby should get a chance for the spotlight on the Wii? Have any ideas for Kirby Wii game?
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