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One More Step And Soulja Boy Gets It

In their latest preview article of Resident Evil 5, IGN Editor Jeff Haynes posts a picture of Caucasian protagonist Chris Redfield holding a knife to the back of the neck of an African soldier while another African soldier approaches. It's not the image chosen so much as the caption the editor chose to include, which as you may have guessed is "One More Step And Soulja Boy Gets It".

Resident Evil 5 has already been stricken by controversy from the release of the first trailer in 2007which featured said protagonist disposing of hostile African villagers.

I have to admit, it never bothered me at all. I don't care what race my zombies are as long as I can blast their undead brains out. But even so, I did note the caption to be somewhat bold especially for IGN and it has already sparked some feedback on the comments board.

How do you feel about the issue? Do you find that caption is offensive?
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