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Wilbo and Fusion's epic Left 4 Dead encounter

We all know that Left 4 Dead is now being overrun by the whiny Halo 3 players that insist on shouting racial and homophobic slurs to anyone in the direct vicinity. Now we have proof. Whilst myself, WIlbo and halfleft were having a nice kind game of Left 4 Dead in which much zombie slaughtering, a lovely chap by the name XxNuBXFoXLiFexX joined our social gathering. He wasn't the most co-operative of teammates and decided to put a vote out to kick me. As such, I retaliated with a vote to kick for him.

After this ordeal, I received a message from this young chap saying "fuck you geek." Wilbo and halfleft also received said message. Wilbo replied with "I love you" to which he replied "ur funny" I then replied with "Thanks babes. I love you."

This prompted this response from the young chap through voice message:

"Fuck you, you little gay ass queer. Go get a life and go suck your mum's dick. Now shut th..Go away you mother fucker."

Unfortunately for WIlbo and halfleft, they did not recieve a reply. I feel humbled and special to have recieved a gracious gift as this.

Thanks Xbox Live and Left 4 Dead, for proving that there are people in the world who need to be eradicated from the gene pool.
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