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Home Impressions


So, the Home beta has opened it�s gates the public (ala gmail), and it�s exactly what I expected it to be. It�s a glorified 3D chatroom used as a vehicle for ads and micro transaction sales for worthless crap. From game themed spaces being largely dull, character customizations troubles, and server issues, was it all bad?

The only real fun I had in Home was creating a female character and playing with the hordes of nerds that came at me. Now I know why a lot of women have a superiority complex. It�s disturbingly fun to lead dudes on and then reveal to them that I have balls. Most of them walked away, but there were like 2 that �knew� all the time. I guess they really wanted to ask guy�s �A/S/L.� Perhaps they needed a new BFF?

I heard a lot of talk about the Home game themes. I was able to check out the Far Cry 2 spaces and really didn�t care to stay long. There was nothing to do. There was a table game in one of the Far Cry 2 spaces, but it didn�t interest me in the least bit.

I don�t think Sony�s ever had a good track record with their server speeds. Every time I download something on the PS Store it�s always way slower than downloading on my PC or my 360. Home was no exception, but I do understand there was some stress with everyone downloading the beta. The thing that angered me was that I sat in the Home theatre waiting for the �movie� to download. I was sure it�d be some trailers, but I thought they may have had some exclusive trailers up there. I really hoped it was another Uncharted 2 trailer (I�m stoked). It turns out I waited 20 minutes to watch a trailer for the movie Twilight and a shitty music video from the band Paramore (they're in the movie�s soundtrack).


I usually have some good things to say about stuff I generally dislike, but Home is worthless. It�s slow (not just talking about download speeds), boring, and it has Twilight trailers. The only good thing I can say about it is that it�s a great griefing tool, but I don�t believe Sony intended Home to be used for that reason. It really is just as I expected. It�s Second Life without the penis forests.

Sony says you can hang out in Home before you and your friends decide on what you want to play. Well, simplicity does go a long way. XNE�s new party system allows you to do just that, except you don�t have to walk anywhere. It�s a chat room that isn�t as cumbersome as Home.

Oh, and there�s no way to make an attractive avatar. The presets for females looks absolutely disgusting. Half of them look like transvestites.

It was a clever idea, but it�s poorly executed and it's true intentions are depressing. I have no interest in spending time in Home, and I especially don�t plan on buying any trendy clothing for my horrendous looking avatar. Perhaps with time it�ll bloom into a beautiful rose. For the time being, it�s a waste of time.

But hey. It�s free.
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