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Wii Gets Dragon Quest X, 360 Gets Gypped


I know, I know. The Wii is tearing up sales charts left and right. The Japanese love the Wii -- fact. Which coincides perfectly with the fact that the Japanese love Dragon Quest. So it only makes sense that Dragon Quest goes to Wii, right?

Right. But don't you remember the first time you played Dragon Quest 8? Gorgeous wasn't it? Dripping with color and vibrant scenery, it was beyond a doubt the most beautiful cel-shaded title at that point, rivaled possibly only by Wind Waker.

That was on PS2. The Wii is roughly twice as possible as that, so we can expect something beautiful and dazzling again, right?

Wrong. The bar has been set higher, now. While the Wii may be able to do it justice, I know I, personally, was holding out hope that 360 would be able to grab hold of it. I know, crazy right? Especially after DQ 9 went to DS. But I still had that sliver of hope deep within me. Hell, even PS3.

Now my Economics-class daydreams of slaying Slimes in wonderful high-definition glory will have been in vain. A game that would cripple even my love for Vesperia.. I know. I'm a graphics-whore...

Oh well. The Wii is still a good choice for the fact that it has the potential to get such an awesome franchise into lots of hands and that's the most important thing.

What do you think about this announcement? Would you have rathered it go to a different console?
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