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Pixeljunk Eden patch/expension imminent?


Do you remember Pixeljunk Eden for the PSN? Of course you do. Same time the patch for Monsters, that added trophies and difficulty levels, was announced, they also announced that there will be a patch or expansion for Eden, that adds different modes of play. Though nothing has been announced officially yet, there is an advertising banner for Pixeljunk Eden on the Japanese PSN, that promotes a new demo being released on December 19th on the Japanese PSN, that will feature a Continue function.

I would be happily paying money for more gardens in Eden and some new game modes. Eden is a fantastic game and playing it again over the holidays would be a nice christmas present. Wait, I have an idea! I want a christmas level in Eden! So Dylan Cuthbert, if you read this, please make it happen. Thank you!

P.S.: I can't wait for Pixeljunk Dungeons.
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