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Amazing package is amazing

Well, today has been pretty crappy. My day went pretty shit and I couldn't wait to get home.
I got home and this was waiting for me:

Sent by the wonderful Tiff Chow it completely cheered me up to no end. Even the box looked awesome:

It contained a lot of awesome little things she picked up from PAX, because I wasn't able to go, as well as a few other things. Items include: Fallout 3 Promo Survival Guide, a collection of postcards, stickers, a Harley Quinn lego figurine, a Dragon Age ad sleeve, a little letter and a sort of little tag.

Then at the back of the box was this:

What is it? I here you cry:

Why, it's an amazingly cute little plushie made by dear Tiff herself.

The package has really brightened up my day to no end, so thank you!
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