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What Wii Need: Star Fox

Nintendo has created a monster. A little, white monster.

With the Wii topping console sales charts around the world (with no apparent signs of slowing down) that statement could be taken quite literally. With the aid of the DS, Nintendo has seemingly all but captured the elusive "non-gamer" market and once again become the premier household name in video gaming. However, it's been said that Nintendo may have let their mainstay, "hardcore" crowd out in the cold just a little, thus far in the generation.

Welcome to What Wii Need: A series of articles devoted to voicing the wants of the real Nintendrones for the Big N's latest console.

Today, we're highlighting Star Fox. Read on if forest creatures with firepower interest you at all.

In any case, the Wii is practically begging for a brand new Star Fox game. Personally, I don't mind the romantic subplot and the third-person running and gunning we witnessed in Assault as long as it's handled well and all in all, I think the Wii has that ability.

Imagine, aiming being controlled with the Wii Remote as a reticule (like a behind-the-back view of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption), shooting with the B-trigger, running around with the nunchuk and throwing grenades with the nunchuk's Z-button. Swapping weapons with the d-pad, while the A-button triggers action commands? Awesome.

And for the more important, in-Arwing half of the game players could have the option of choosing one of several control setups:

a) Holding the Wiimote pointing forward toward the screen, using tilt to control the Arwing like the Paper Airplane mini game in Wario Ware. B-trigger to lock-on and shoot, A-button to use bombs.

b) Holding the Wiimote sideways like an old school controller and maybe using tilt to control the slant of the Arwing.

c) More traditional, classic-controller or GC controller.

Hey, just throwing some ideas out there! And hey, who knows. Throw some online multiplayer and a lengthy campaign and we could have a winner on our hands. That would quench my thirst for some foxy Wii lovin'... Yeah, I went there.

What do you guys think? Got a better control scheme? What in your opinion does Wii Need?
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