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Company of Heroes Video: Operation Monster 2

I'm sure absolutely none of you remember my original Company of Heroes "Operation Monster" video. Well I made a second one!

Parts of the first one is in it (first 30 seconds). For anyone curious how it works. You get a couple of noobs, and play as panzer elite. Call in hummel after hummel, blow em to bits (but save the pieces) and then when you've had enough, bring em back to life ;p

Now while this does seem super overpowered (see: video) it takes an EXTREMELY long time, like 2 hours long time. And an ass ton of manpower, and you need to be left alone. Which means you have to leave the entire front to your partner. So really it's not a good strategy :( If you can pull it off you could have killed the enemy about an hour ago :P (which we could have, but that woulda sucked the fun out of it ;p)

I do feel a *little* bit sorry for them :<
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