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CLUB NINTENDO - A Comprehensive Guide/Rant

*WARNING: This is a GRAPHIC and TEXT HEAVY blog*

So, with the announcement of Club Nintendo finally coming to North America in Winter of 2008 after a very long overdue wait, I have decided to try to help inform those who are unfamiliar about it, as well as ranting about how they hopefully don�t screw us over. I�ll begin with the guide . . .

My collection file as of November 30th, 2008. 719 games, 423 of which are Nintendo (so basically 21 more Nintendo games bought in a month), still making up damn near 60% of my gaming collection.

Anyone who has made it this far, I applaud you. That Excel file is over 100 hours of work in terms of macros, programming, etc. About 95% of it was done by my other friend who is a big collector as well (1000 games), who�ll be joining Destructoid soon. It has automatic sorting, data entry, swag, soundtrack, guide lists, etc. That�ll be for another blog though.

Still, that�s my spiel about Club Nintendo and all. Hopefully it has been very informative to some of you, and has opened some eyes to how badly Nintendo has been screwing us over in North America, and what the program should and shouldn�t be. Even more so, hopefully some Nintendo representative will stumble upon this and actually consider what I�m saying . . . but that�s just wishful thinking. Still, with my final thoughts, here is what Nintendo of America SHOULD do for their Club Nintendo program:

- Make it as similar as possible to the Japanese one, where there are rewards of substance that people want, and exclusives for high registering members
- Make sure current games that have been registered are given points so that members who have registered dozens of games are not punished
- Create a much better interface and website for the program

If Nintendo can do those 3 things, then everyone should be happy and all will be well. Once again, thanks for reading and all, hopefully you�ve learnt something, and feel free to comment and all. Thanks!
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