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12/1/08 - IRC Shall Nevar Forget (pt 2 of 2)

Now, since the site cut off the end, part two!

[18:27] <eternalplayer> so I don't need to see it
[18:27] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> smith232: all I want is for this whole thing to be dropped!! what do you want me to do???
[18:27] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> WHAT SHOULD I DO
[18:27] <Cheezeitz> Ann Haro
[18:27] <The_Young_Scot> make him make a youtube video apologizing to IRC
[18:27] <eternalplayer> Tell him to write a public apology
[18:27] <eternalplayer> Yes
[18:27] <MasonRhade> hahaha
[18:27] <KingZServ> lemon; tell him his parents have to visit lemonparty.org to submit the forms to drop charges
[18:28] <MasonRhade> oh shit
[18:28] <njsykora> tell him to sign up to Destructoid and write a c-blog publically apologising for his actions
[18:28] <The_Young_Scot> haha
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> no, it's got to be epic, dude.
[18:28] <Aerox> Tell him he has to take a video of him shoving a plate of dog poop in his face
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Okay, epic but sensible.
[18:28] <MasonRhade> um, you guys do realize that smith could report lemon for impersonating a dynasty official
[18:28] <MasonRhade> and we'd all be in serious shit
[18:28] <THREEvbo> DAMNIT
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> No he can't.
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I didn't impersonate shit.
[18:28] <eternalplayer> Tell him to make the apology in a dress
[18:28] <THREEvbo> I gotta go to a meeting
[18:28] <njsykora> he's not in a position to report anyone
[18:28] <KingZServ> mason; nope
[18:29] <KingZServ> as far as they know he's just another user
[18:29] <KingZServ> he assumed he was an official
[18:29] <KingZServ> he never said he was, thus cant be held for charges in a legal sense
[18:29] <MasonRhade> hmm
[18:29] <MasonRhade> nevemind then
[18:29] <KingZServ> I should so be a lawyer
[18:29] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I never said "I'm a dynastynet official".
[18:29] <Ub3rSlug> Ideas, guys
[18:29] <eternalplayer> Plus if you ask him to do anything to drastic his folks might catch on
[18:29] <Ub3rSlug> What should Lemon have him do/
[18:29] <Aerox> Well, impersonating DynastyNet staff isn't illegal anyway
[18:30] <njsykora> i'm all for a grovelling apology, in addition to something else
[18:30] <MasonRhade> what did smith do to piss everyone off?
[18:30] <Aerox> I would like to see ZServ - Internet Lawyer though
[18:30] <KingZServ> aerox; not legal legal
[18:30] <KingZServ> but server legal
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> This dude is waiting for me to say what he should do to repeal his ban.
[18:30] <Aerox> I think that would make a great webisode series
[18:30] <The_Young_Scot> YOU TUBE VIDEO
[18:30] <The_Young_Scot> WITH HIS PARENTS
[18:30] <Aerox> Tell him to post a public apology on craigslist
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> O/B/JECTION
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> no, The_Young_Scot.
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> PUBLIC APOLOGY!
[18:30] <The_Young_Scot> aww
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> YES!
[18:30] * Dyn_User8155604 is now known as thef1sh
[18:30] * RonBurgandy2010 ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Okay.
[18:30] <eternalplayer> Do it in front of his class
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Everyone.
[18:30] <RonBurgandy2010> hi
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Calm down in here.
[18:30] <eternalplayer> Ron
[18:30] <RonBurgandy2010> eternal!
[18:31] <KingZServ> SHH hes coming back
[18:31] <Peronthious> now this is epic
[18:31] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I'm going to ask him to come into here and ask him to issue a public apology for 'offending you all'.
[18:31] <Peronthious> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BLZQOH5M9Y&eurl=http://www.cinematical.com/&feature=player_embedded
[18:31] <RonBurgandy2010> who's that?
[18:31] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> But you HAVE TO BE SERIOUS.
[18:31] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> SHH.
[18:31] <njsykora> ok, we're listening
[18:31] <eternalplayer> ron play along
[18:31] <RonBurgandy2010> O.o
[18:31] * The_Young_Scot is serious
[18:31] * eternalplayer eats serious for breakfast
[18:31] * The_Young_Scot has a serious face
[18:31] <KingZServ> Serious ZServ is serious
[18:31] <Aerox> WHY SO SERIOUS?
[18:31] * Gemsi puts on his serious hat

[18:31] <Aerox> God I'm clever
[18:31] <eternalplayer> lol aerox
[18:31] <The_Young_Scot> aerox, fuck
[18:31] <The_Young_Scot> wow
[18:31] <Wedge_Antilles> Damn, wish my chat history went back further
[18:32] <RonBurgandy2010> ?
[18:32] <KingZServ> wedge; im gonna post logs later
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> HE'S COMING BACK.
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> SHH
[18:32] <Wedge_Antilles> APOLOGIZE DYS
[18:32] <dyslixec> BAM hells yah
[18:32] <dyslixec> :D
[18:32] <Aerox> Jesus, on this woman's questionnaire when asked what religion she belongs to
[18:32] <Wedge_Antilles> Oh wait
[18:32] <Aerox> She wrote
[18:32] <Aerox> "All"
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> DynastyNet-3A9F3:
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I've discussed user Zserv's complaint, and it seems you were being offensive, and also impersonating a federal officer.
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> DynastyNet-3A9F3:
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> However, he has agreed to repeal the charges if you issue a public apology.
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> DynastyNet-3A9F3:
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Please return to #destructoid and apologize to all of the users in the room for impersonating an officer.
[18:32] <Ub3rSlug> Burgandy, just be quiet for a sec, yes?
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> :D
[18:32] <CronosBlade> hey, the more gods the better Aerox
[18:32] <Aerox> Apparently Sarah Palin snuck into our research group
[18:32] * smith232 ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Everyone please pay attention to user smith232.
[18:33] * Ub3rSlug sits down.
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> He has been advised to issue a public apology on his own behalf.
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Continue, smith232.
[18:33] * RonBurgandy2010 is confused
[18:33] * Ub3rSlug listens
[18:33] * eternalplayer jion Ub3r
[18:33] * The_Young_Scot waits
[18:33] * KingZServ sits next to a hungry lion.
[18:33] * RonBurgandy2010 is still confused
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Smith?
[18:33] * Aerox is now known as AHungryLion
[18:34] <RonBurgandy2010> ?
[18:34] <smith232> Hello once again everyone. I have returned to offer a public aplogy to the whole room regarding my recent actions and deceptions in this room. I was not thinking about what I was doing at the time, but I now realise that this was an extremley inappropite way to behave
[18:34] <smith232> For this reason, I am truly sorry for any hassle i may have caused anyone in this room
[18:34] <RonBurgandy2010> what the hell do you people do when I'm not here?
[18:34] <njsykora> quiet Ron
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Quiet, RonBurgandy2010.
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Please.
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Thank you, smith232.
[18:34] * AHungryLion is now known as Aerox
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Zserv, I believe that at this point, the issue has been resolved.
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> You may go on your way, smith232.
[18:34] <smith232> ok
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> But for the time being, it's probably best that you're removed from this room.
[18:35] <smith232> thank you for your understanding
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> You may return in one hour.
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> No problem.
[18:35] * DynastyNet-3A9F3 sets mode: +b *!*@DynastyNet-542C30F1.range86-132.btcentralplus.com
[18:35] * smith232 was kicked by DynastyNet-3A9F3 (DynastyNet-3A9F3)
[18:35] <KingZServ> I'd still feed him to the lions but that's me
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
[18:35] <dyslixec> LOL
[18:35] <Wedge_Antilles> Lulululululul
[18:35] <Cheezeitz> ....
[18:35] <KingZServ> rofl
[18:35] <eternalplayer> AHHAHA
[18:35] <The_Young_Scot> BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[18:35] <dyslixec> oh god
[18:35] <Ub3rSlug> CBLOG THIS SHIT NOW
[18:35] <KingZServ> oh jesus
[18:35] <Cheezeitz> Hahahahahahaha.
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