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12/1/08 - IRC Shall Nevar Forget (pt 1 of 2)

Today in IRC, someone came in to troll. And over the course of 3 hours, IRC had the most fun I do believe ever had in the history of time. This will take a long fucking time to read, but this.. is epic.

[16:58] * Firky ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[16:58] <Firky> Hi there
[16:58] <Firky> I am here to moderate this room
[16:58] <Firky> and make sure we all chat nicely :)
[16:58] <maxio> fuck that
[16:58] * njsykora rapes Firky
[16:58] <Firky> maxio, cut the swearing out NOW please
[16:58] <The_Young_Scot> GET EM
[16:58] <maxio> got it right that time
[16:58] <njsykora> welcome to IRC, Destructoid style
[16:58] <Firky> njsyk, stop harrasing me please
[16:59] * SongstressPsychoSoldier Laughs uncontrollable
[16:59] * njsykora harasses Firky
[16:59] <maxio> gay moms do it with eachother
[16:59] * The_Young_Scot unleashes the mother trucking rape
[16:59] <Firky> maxio, enough thanks
[16:59] <Vlambo> hey Firky
[16:59] <Firky> Vlambo, yes?
[16:59] <Vlambo> What do you do when a man comes at your with a penis and asks to shove it down your throat?
[16:59] <Vlambo> and then pours ranch dressing on you and starts yelling MEGA MAN
[16:59] <Firky> njsyk, stop breeching rules NOW please or action WILL be taken against your account
[16:59] <njsykora> awesome
[16:59] <njsykora> IRC has no rules
[16:59] <Firky> Vlambo, STOP that kind of chat NOW please
[16:59] <SongstressPsychoSoldier> Vlambo wins
[17:00] <njsykora> true
[17:00] <Vlambo> And why is this Firky?
[17:00] <njsykora> can an op kick the failbot?
[17:00] <Firky> njsykora, I work here as a voulenteer moderater to enforce the ruls Of DynastyNet acrossall channels
[17:00] <Vlambo> Are you a moderator?
[17:00] <Firky> Vlambo, yes i am
[17:00] <Vlambo> Srsly
[17:00] <Firky> Coonskin, STOP swearing NOW please
[17:00] <ZServ> so
[17:00] <Vlambo> Can I see some credentials?
[17:00] <Vlambo> And where is the warrant?
[17:00] <Firky> OK folks...lets just drop the disruption please :)
[17:00] <maxio> leave us alone
[17:00] <Necros> ah, i hear people need kicking?
[17:00] <The_Young_Scot> I WANT MY LAWYER
[17:01] <maxio> lol
[17:01] <njsykora> yeah, Firky the Failbot
[17:01] * Coonskin05 sets mode: +b *!*@DynastyNet-542C30F1.range86-132.btcentralplus.com
[17:01] <Vlambo> A so called "Moderator"
[17:01] * Firky was kicked by Coonskin05 (Coonskin05)
[17:01] * SongstressPsychoSoldier is now known as BlackMagePsychoSoldier
[17:01] <Necros> god damn it coon
[17:01] <The_Young_Scot> haha
[17:01] <njsykora> don't fuck with our mods
[17:01] <Necros> i haven't banned anyone in so long
[17:01] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lol
[17:01] * Star_Croc64 (CrocB[email protected]) Quit (Broken pipe)
[17:01] <njsykora> unban him Coon so Necros can get his ban on
[17:01] <Necros> i'm so tired i can barely type -_-
[17:03] * Coonskin05 sets mode: -b *!*@DynastyNet-542C30F1.range86-132.btcentralplus.com
[17:03] * Firky ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:04] <Necros> cunt piss shit
[17:04] <Necros> MODERATE THAT
[17:04] * Necros rapes Firky
[17:04] * Majora ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:04] <Firky> njsykora, harrasment is not tolerated on this network. You repeatldey breeched this rule as a result you have had your IRC access terminated. You will be removed from IRC permantley in 2 hours time. Also a letter will be deilverd to your home address about this matter
[17:04] <maxio> mileage may vary
[17:04] <Firky> Necros, STOP now please - I wont ask you again either
[17:04] <maxio> lol
[17:04] <ZServ> if he WAS a moderator he'd know we already have an IRCop in here
[17:04] <maxio> hahahahah
[17:04] <Aerox> What?
[17:04] <maxio> a
[17:04] <maxio> hah
[17:04] <maxio> ahhaha
[17:04] <maxio> ha
[17:04] <maxio> hahah
[17:04] <maxio> a
[17:04] <maxio> hahah
[17:04] <njsykora> i'll believe that when i see it
[17:04] <maxio> omg
[17:05] <ZServ> firky; if you're a moderator, gline me.
[17:05] <Firky> Right come on folks -- lets just drop this behavior
[17:05] <maxio> do you do international
[17:05] <maxio> ?
[17:05] <ZServ> you probably dont even know what a gline is :P
[17:05] <maxio> postage?
[17:05] <maxio> plz tell me you do
[17:05] <njsykora> failbot doesn't know the meaning of harrassment
[17:05] <Aerox> What the fuck is this shit
[17:05] <Necros> alright, if coon's had his turn, can /i/ get a ban in here?
[17:05] <maxio> i want to frame it
[17:05] <Firky> right that dose it
[17:05] <Firky> im callingmy friend
[17:05] * Firky ([email protected]) has left #destructoid
[17:05] <njsykora> yeah put the ban on Necros
[17:05] <Aerox> OH NO
[17:05] <ZServ> besides, if he was a moderator he'd be able to evade the ban
[17:05] <Aerox> I think I'm in trouble
[17:05] <ZServ> fucker cant even spell
[17:05] <maxio> hes CALLING HIS FRIEND
[17:05] <Necros> NOT HIS FRIEND
[17:06] <Necros> i can't wait for this guy to come back
[17:06] <maxio> !addquote <Firky> right that dose it <Firky> im callingmy friend
[17:06] <njsykora> get Kevin in here, then it'll get entertaining
[17:06] <Necros> ...shit
[17:06] * POLICEchiefMARK ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:06] <maxio> hhahahaha
[17:06] <POLICEchiefMARK> Greetings
[17:06] <maxio> lol
[17:06] <maxio> LOL
[17:06] <maxio> OMG
[17:06] <Necros> OH SHIT THE COPS
[17:06] <POLICEchiefMARK> I have had reports of abuse from this room
[17:06] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> RUN AWAY
[17:06] <njsykora> oh you have got to be shitting me
[17:06] <maxio> robo cop
[17:06] <Aerox> Ahahahaaha
[17:06] <maxio> hahaha
[17:06] <maxio> ahah
[17:07] <njsykora> i'll report your abuse
[17:07] <Aerox> Today is the greatest day ever
[17:07] <maxio> somerone
[17:07] <ZServ> this guy has to be a nigger or something
[17:07] <Gemsi> o no on the same ident as well
[17:07] <POLICEchiefMARK> As a result we will now being logging this chat and sending any abuse through processing down to the prosecution center
[17:07] <maxio> someron recode this
[17:07] <Aerox> Protip - we can all see your IP Fisky
[17:07] <maxio> procecution center
[17:07] <maxio> hahah
[17:07] <ZServ> besides the fact that the server AUTOMATICALLY LOGS EVERYTHING
[17:07] <Aerox> Oooo, prosecution center!
[17:07] <Necros> how can we be abusing people when this police chief does it in the butt with 13 year olds?
[17:07] <POLICEchiefMARK> Zserv, stop that NOW please RACISM is ILLEGAL on this network and will be punishable by PRISON sentance
[17:07] <ZServ> jesus christ
[17:07] <ZServ> you're an idiot
[17:07] <Aerox> Would you like to go to court?
[17:07] <maxio> mark do you want to be like a killer
[17:07] <Necros> FUCKING RACISM
[17:07] <DickMcVengeance> PoliceChiefMark, I have a question
[17:07] <Aerox> I'd be happy to take you on
[17:07] <maxio> do you really want to kill me with laughter
[17:07] <Gemsi> dude, your making us brits look bad
[17:07] <maxio> ?
[17:07] <maxio> seriously?:P
[17:08] <maxio> death by laughter
[17:08] <maxio> ?
[17:08] <njsykora> LOL PENIS LAWL
[17:08] <POLICEchiefMARK> Stop NOW please I will grant an amensty up to this point but any further abuse from here on words WILL be dealt with by Jail sentances and prosecution through courts
[17:08] <maxio> OR WAIT
[17:08] <Necros> i'll take your amnesty if you roll over, buttercup
[17:08] <Aerox> Ok
[17:08] <maxio> amnesty?
[17:08] <DickMcVengeance> Sign me up for life in prison, then.
[17:08] <maxio> reallly
[17:08] <maxio> ?
[17:08] <Aerox> Let's go to court
[17:09] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> DMV, WTH
[17:09] <njsykora> oh god, i don't think this much fail has been seen outside 4chan
[17:09] <maxio> gotta get me that amnesty
[17:09] * Aerox summons Sterling
[17:09] * Sterling (Ji[email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:09] <njsykora> oh FUCK yes
[17:09] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Oh Snap
[17:09] <Aerox> WHAT THE FUCK IS UP JIM
[17:09] <DickMcVengeance> Also, PoliceChiefMark, you might want to learn how to spell amnesty
[17:09] <DickMcVengeance> JIM
[17:09] <maxio> mark whats your favorite colour?
[17:09] <Ekisukuremento> how about something NOT nasty
[17:09] <Sterling> I was told to get in here because someone was being a cunt?
[17:09] <DickMcVengeance> FUCK YES
[17:09] <Necros> sterling, use your british powers to fight our police chief!
[17:09] <njsykora> yeah, that policechief guy
[17:09] <Sterling> Who's being a silly cunt
[17:09] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> A wannabe mod from the IRC
[17:10] <Ekisukuremento> yeah, he's ours now
[17:10] <maxio> amercan sterling?
[17:10] <Ekisukuremento> he say a-loom-in-num
[17:10] * njsykora rapes policechiefmark
[17:10] <Ekisukuremento> not alu-mini-um
[17:10] <ZServ> [email protected] <--someone use this to find his IP
[17:10] <POLICEchiefMARK> what
[17:10] <Sterling> I'm not seeing any cuntishness going on
[17:10] <ZServ> then report him to his ISP for impersonating a police officer
[17:10] <maxio> gotta catch them all
[17:10] <POLICEchiefMARK> how the hell did you know i use btcentral
[17:10] <Sterling> I feel let down
[17:10] <maxio> lol
[17:11] <maxio> haha
[17:11] <BigPopaGamer> what is going on?!?
[17:11] <Aerox> Oops it accidentally got deleted
[17:11] <AlsoCocks> quote 1948 added
[17:11] <CronosBlade> oh shit did I miss a mod?
[17:11] <CronosBlade> I could've unleashed the jaibait
[17:11] <Sterling> Racism is illegal?
[17:11] * CrocBox ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:11] * ChanBot sets mode: +v CrocBox
[17:11] <CronosBlade> WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME
[17:11] <Gemsi> ZServ, thats bt - british telecoms
[17:11] <Sterling> That's what happens when they let black people be cops
[17:11] <njsykora> he actually said that
[17:11] <CronosBlade> unban that fucker
[17:11] <maxio> o snap
[17:11] <Sterling> It all goes to shit
[17:11] <CronosBlade> let him in here
[17:11] <ZServ> alright
[17:11] <njsykora> apparantly i'm being banned from IRC in 2 hours
[17:11] <CronosBlade> I'll run him out quick
[17:11] <ZServ> someone contact em
[17:11] <Aerox> I mean Mark
[17:11] <CronosBlade> it's Grim!
[17:11] <ZServ> someone contact them for impersonating an officer and harassment of server officials
[17:11] <Necros> njsykora: i'll unban you, i'm in the FBI and therefore outrank the police chief
[17:11] <njsykora> i think these twats have just realised what they're dealing with
[17:12] <ZServ> I work for the CIA
[17:12] <Sterling> Mark
[17:12] <Sterling> Hey Mark
[17:12] <ZServ> so im even higher
[17:12] <Sterling> Mark
[17:12] <Grim> hi everybody
[17:12] <Sterling> Mark
[17:13] <njsykora> oh fuck
[17:13] <ZServ> someone get me British Telecom's support email
[17:13] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> HAHA
[17:13] <ZServ> I'm sending an angry email about this
[17:13] <CronosBlade> lol
[17:13] <ZServ> this fucker will not have internet in a week
[17:13] <maxio> haha
[17:13] <maxio> someone is trolling the internet
[17:13] <Gemsi> ZServ, here's your starting point http://www.bt.com/
[17:14] <njsykora> trolls? on the internet? NEVAR
[17:14] <maxio> lol gemsi
[17:14] -> -gemsi- oh he's fucking scared dude
[17:14] <njsykora> i'm going
[17:14] -> -gemsi- "PLZPLZPLZ DONT CONTACT MY ISP"
[17:15] <Aerox> aww
[17:15] <Aerox> where'd he go
[17:15] <Sterling> I must say I am quite disappointed
[17:15] <Ekisukuremento> wow lots of people going this year
[17:15] <Sterling> I was promised a troll
[17:15] <ZServ> sterling, its fine. i dealt with it already
[17:15] <Grim> i came for the troll but i'll stay for the dickgirls
[17:15] <Sterling> Well now I'LL have to troll IRC
[17:15] <ZServ> I've revealed it to be either a fraud or a REALLY idiotic police officer
[17:15] <Sterling> You're all faggot gays
[17:15] * Ub3rSlug|Out ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:15] <maxio> he was really fucking funny
[17:15] <ZServ> faggot gays.. would make us straight
[17:15] * Ub3rSlug|Out is now known as Ub3rSlug
[17:16] <njsykora> there was one, and he's still in here but i think he wasn't expecting to deal with us
[17:16] <ZServ> [17:12] <ZServ> Considering any REAL cop worth his shit would know that thats simply a hostmask
[17:16] <ZServ> [17:12] <ZServ> and that irc servers cannot have people arrested for saying "nigger"
[17:16] <ZServ> [17:13] <ZServ> Means you're either a complete IDIOT, which is most likely, or you're an idiot who somehow passed the test and will lose his badge AND internet access in about 3 hours when I contact your ISP.
[17:16] <ZServ> [17:13] <POLICEchiefMARK> look please dont
[17:16] <ZServ> [17:14] <POLICEchiefMARK> please dont contact my ISP
[17:16] <Sterling> Fuck you ZServ. Foiled again
[17:16] <Eternalplayer> I'm a flaming faggot gay
[17:16] <ZServ> ..eternal's homo?
[17:16] <maxio> lol
[17:16] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Hard Gay?
[17:16] <maxio> lol
[17:16] <ZServ> FLAMING FAGGOT GAY would make him gay
[17:16] <Aerox> Contact his ISP
[17:16] <njsykora> wipe him out ZServ
[17:16] <maxio> HARDDOOO GAYYYOOO
[17:16] <maxio> DOO EETTT
[17:16] <Eternalplayer> flaming faggot gay lebouf
[17:16] <Ekisukuremento> haha ZServ
[17:17] <CronosBlade> lol
[17:17] <CronosBlade> IRC wins
[17:17] <Eternalplayer> I don't like you guys anymore
[17:17] <Aerox> James Hiffings
[17:17] <Aerox> Why have you stopped talking
[17:17] <ZServ> [17:17] <POLICEchiefMARK> hang on you cant post that in the room
[17:17] <ZServ> [17:17] <POLICEchiefMARK> this is PRIVATE message
[17:17] <ZServ> [17:17] <ZServ> I cant? Gee, here i thought the copy and paste function was for that exactly. Hm.
[17:17] <ZServ> testing
[17:17] <ZServ> DUZ IT WURK
[17:18] <maxio> lol
[17:18] <ZServ> also
[17:18] <CronosBlade> LAWL
[17:18] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> ZServ wins
[17:18] <Gemsi> ZServ, even better link - http://bt.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/bt.cfg/php/enduser/cci/bt_afdpage.php?p_sid=TWonzikj&cat_lvl1=346&cat_lvl2=999&p_cv=2.999&p_cats=346,999
[17:18] <ZServ> BT's site is designed like an ass
[17:18] <Eternalplayer> Haha
[17:18] <CronosBlade> Reason - looking for little boys
[17:18] <CronosBlade> he found Zserv instead
[17:18] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> LOL
[17:19] <ZServ> Tel: 08456 008844
[17:19] <ZServ> its british so i cant
[17:19] <ZServ> plus i only have an australian accent
[17:19] <maxio> fatality?
[17:19] <Eternalplayer> where's bunny when you need him
[17:19] <ZServ> njsykora
[17:20] <ZServ> I choose you!
[17:20] <Sterling> Fucking limeys are never around when you need 'em
[17:20] <Eternalplayer> I have to play a british shauffer in a play this month
[17:20] <Aerox> You know, it's kind of dissapointing that he was a troll
[17:20] <Eternalplayer> chauffer*
[17:20] <Aerox> It would be much funnier if he was actually serious about moderating swearing
[17:20] <Aerox> chauffeur
[17:20] <CronosBlade> dear god
[17:20] <ZServ> we'd go to a different server lol
[17:20] <maxio> i know:P
[17:20] <CronosBlade> that ps3 chatpad is ugly as fuck
[17:20] <Eternalplayer> whatever, I'm trying to get a monocle
[17:20] <ZServ> He still thinks hostmasks are hacking
[17:20] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK
[17:20] <ZServ> even though hostmasks are..yknow, shown when you log on
[17:20] <Aerox> Tell him you're going to hack his mom
[17:20] <CronosBlade> this room would be nothing without cussing and racism....and gay love
[17:20] <Eternalplayer> I also got my name changed from jeeves to willabe
[17:20] <njsykora> keep pasting ZServ
[17:20] <njsykora> gotta love the gay love
[17:21] <ZServ> [17:18] <POLICEchiefMARK> how the HELL did you hack my ISP details ???
[17:21] <Eternalplayer> Ha
[17:21] <ZServ> he's too british and nervous to continue
[17:21] <njsykora> oh god, he really is an idiot
[17:21] <maxio> lol i love stupidity
[17:21] <Gemsi> CronosBlade, i just got a small usb laptop like keyboard for my ps3, works much better than what the chatpad does looking at it
[17:21] <ZServ> what's really funny is, technically he's violating american law and would be brought over FROM britain to america for trial
[17:21] <CronosBlade> gemsi, I already do it
[17:21] <ZServ> because the server's american, meaning he has to follow american laws on hurr
[17:21] <CronosBlade> I'm just referring to the front page right now
[17:22] <Gemsi> ah i see
[17:22] <Sterling> Hey Mark, free trip to America!
[17:22] <ZServ> sterling; shoulda harassed someone, would've been MUCH cheaper
[17:22] <CronosBlade> lol
[17:22] <Aerox> I want him to keep talking in here
[17:22] <njsykora> i'm PMing him about that
[17:22] <Sterling> Mark, I can bail you out of jail
[17:22] <maxio> tell him to entertain us
[17:22] <maxio> then we will let him go
[17:23] <Eternalplayer> Tell him to say aluminium
[17:23] <CronosBlade> lol
[17:23] <Necros> only sterling would bail out the police chief
[17:23] <ZServ> since ive already continuously proven him to be a fraud and since pasting his hostmask
[17:23] <ZServ> now if i can properly track the hostmask and get an IP addy
[17:23] <ZServ> whos up for taking over his router?
[17:24] <CronosBlade> we're messing with some moron who came in acting as a mod
[17:24] <CronosBlade> telling us we couldn't cuss
[17:24] <Eternalplayer> I still have to mental picture of like the deep south and sterling says like cunt and later says that it means "good time"
[17:24] <CronosBlade> FUCK THAT
[17:24] <The_Young_Scot> I thought he got banned
[17:24] <Ekisukuremento> what the fuck are you guys talking about
[17:24] <The_Young_Scot> ZSERV
[17:24] <The_Young_Scot> GET OUT OF MY MATRIX
[17:24] <POLICEchiefMARK> right thats it time to get someone else involved here i think
[17:24] * POLICEchiefMARK ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[17:24] <ZServ> BUT now that we have a confirmation of his ISP
[17:24] <ZServ> scot, mind contacting them?
[17:24] <njsykora> YES!!
[17:24] <Necros> OH SHIT
[17:24] <Necros> OH SHIT
[17:24] <njsykora> i got him back in the game
[17:24] <Eternalplayer> QUE?
[17:24] <CronosBlade> necros came?
[17:24] <Ekisukuremento> oh shit?
[17:24] <Gemsi> this is only going to get better
[17:24] * naia ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:24] * ChanBot sets mode: +v naia
[17:24] <Necros> SERIOUSLY
[17:24] * IRC_SERVER_ADMIN ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:24] <ZServ> LOL
[17:24] <Necros> DAMMIT
[17:25] <IRC_SERVER_ADMIN> whats going on in here
[17:25] <CronosBlade> LOL
[17:25] <The_Young_Scot> IT'S THE IRCOPS
[17:25] <Gemsi> MADNESS
[17:25] <Ub3rSlug> EVERYONE HIDE
[17:25] <Ub3rSlug> OH SHIT
[17:25] <Aerox> And he still has the same IP
[17:25] <Ub3rSlug> OH SHIT
[17:25] <ZServ> * POLICEchiefMARK ([email protected])
[17:25] <ZServ> * IRC_SERVER_ADMIN ([email protected])
[17:25] <The_Young_Scot> FUUUUUCK
[17:25] <ZServ> SAME FUCKING GUY
[17:25] <maxio> lol
[17:25] <Ekisukuremento> dumbass!!!!!!!
[17:25] <IRC_SERVER_ADMIN> I run DynsatyNet
[17:25] <The_Young_Scot> WIMMIN AND CHILLUNS FIRST
[17:25] <Ekisukuremento> kick him
[17:25] <Ekisukuremento> do eeet
[17:25] <maxio> lol pew
[17:25] <Aerox> Pew don't ruin anything yet
[17:25] * IRC_SERVER_ADMIN was kicked by ProfPew (fuck the police!)
[17:25] <Aerox> No
[17:25] <njsykora> STERLING, get in here
[17:25] <maxio> haha
[17:25] <naia> :)
[17:25] <Aerox> This is too entertaining
[17:25] <Eternalplayer> We are all going to jail
[17:26] <Ekisukuremento> rape him
[17:26] <Ekisukuremento> do eet
[17:26] <The_Young_Scot> this is entertainment
[17:26] <Necros> guys, i'll gladly be your prison inmate
[17:26] <njsykora> don't ban him, he's pleading with me not to report him to OFCOM
[17:26] * IRC_SERVER_ADMIN ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:26] <CronosBlade> !kick IRC_SERVER_ADMIN lawl get a proxy
[17:26] * IRC_SERVER_ADMIN was kicked by ChanBot (lawl get a proxy)
[17:26] <CronosBlade> :D
[17:26] <The_Young_Scot> Guys, when we all go to jail, I'm going to shiv one of you
[17:26] <The_Young_Scot> so that I seem tough
[17:26] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> My brother is being a cunt
[17:26] <DickMcVengeance> I can't wait to see who gets a cell with me ^_^
[17:26] <Necros> cronos, i'm all for letting him stay in here
[17:26] <Necros> this is hilarious
[17:26] <CronosBlade> takes him a minute to come back hahaha
[17:26] <Ekisukuremento> alright i'm about to piss myself
[17:27] <Ekisukuremento> im quitting while i'm ahead
[17:27] <ProfPew> i remember those things as the first time I hated you
[17:27] <Aerox> It was the start of a beautiful frenemyship
[17:27] <CronosBlade> serv hunted his ass down like a bloodhound
[17:27] <ProfPew> :D
[17:27] <Necros> i've got some awesome copy-pasta of my conversation with him
[17:27] <Necros> here goes:
[17:27] <Necros> 5:09 PM: POLICEchie: cut it out
[17:27] <Necros> 5:09 PM: Necros: no u
[17:27] <Necros> 5:09 PM: POLICEchie: If you keep diminshing my authority in the room like this
[17:27] <Necros> 5:09 PM: POLICEchie: then there will be no mercy with you
[17:27] <Necros> 5:10 PM: Necros: Hey I'll have you know I'm in the FBI
[17:27] <Necros> 5:10 PM: Necros: i think i kinda outrank you there
[17:27] <Necros> 5:10 PM: POLICEchie: There will be an agent at your door shortly
[17:27] <Necros> 5:12 PM: Necros: i think you might have realized you're in over your head
[17:27] <Necros> 5:13 PM: POLICEchie: look just get the room to stop this
[17:27] <Necros> 5:13 PM: POLICEchie: how did they get my ISP????
[17:27] <Necros> 5:13 PM: Necros: i really don't have to when you're being a twat
[17:27] <Necros> 5:13 PM: Necros: we're just that good at the internets
[17:27] <Necros> 5:13 PM: Necros: we have the high score
[17:27] <Necros> 5:14 PM: POLICEchie: look they are threatning to complain to BT
[17:27] <Necros> 5:14 PM: POLICEchie: you have to do something
[17:28] <Necros> 5:15 PM: Necros: you know if you uninstall your client, they can't get you, right?
[17:28] <Necros> 5:15 PM: POLICEchie: really
[17:28] <Necros> 5:15 PM: POLICEchie: how come??
[17:28] <Necros> 5:15 PM: Necros: it makes you undetectable and hides your ISP
[17:28] <Necros> 5:15 PM: Necros: if you /really/ want to make this stop, you have to do this on your end
[17:28] <Necros> 5:16 PM: POLICEchie: but they allready have my ISP
[17:28] <Necros> 5:16 PM: POLICEchie: ZServ has hacked me somehow
[17:28] <Necros> 5:18 PM: Necros: well, you can change your ISP numbers by removing the file system32
[17:28] <Necros> 5:18 PM: Necros: it will generate another one once you remove it
[17:28] <Necros> 5:19 PM: POLICEchie: are you sure???
[17:28] <Necros> 5:19 PM: POLICEchie: where do i find that??
[17:28] <Necros> 5:19 PM: Necros: positive, i did it once before
[17:28] <Necros> 5:20 PM: Necros: C:/Windows/System32
[17:28] <Necros> 5:20 PM: Necros: that's where it's located
[17:28] <Necros> 5:20 PM: POLICEchie: ok
[17:28] <Necros> 5:20 PM: POLICEchie: thanks
[17:28] <Necros> 5:21 PM: POLICEchie: so should i delte the hole foleder or just 1 file inside it?
[17:28] <Necros> read that
[17:28] <Eternalplayer> haha
[17:28] <Necros> i /almost/ got him to delete System32
[17:28] <Necros> also, Zserv, you talented hacker you
[17:28] <Aerox> What do you mean almost
[17:28] <ProfPew> hahahahah
[17:28] <Aerox> Get him to do it
[17:28] <CronosBlade> god I'm in tears over here
[17:28] <Gemsi> thats wins
[17:28] <ZServ> get him to use deltree
[17:28] <Necros> i tried, i thought when he quit he had done it ^_^
[17:28] <ProfPew> :DD
[17:29] * heavyMETALLER ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:29] <Aerox> Oh gee I wonder who that iS
[17:29] <njsykora> seats people, here we go again
[17:29] <heavyMETALLER> what do you mean Aerox???
[17:29] <Aerox> Shh let's all pretend like we don't know
[17:29] * ProfPew is now known as AGENT_SMITH
[17:29] <Gemsi> someone get me some popcorn
[17:29] <heavyMETALLER> this is my first time ever logging on to IRC......
[17:29] <The_Young_Scot> HAHAHA
[17:29] <Sterling> HAHAHA
[17:29] <The_Young_Scot> HEAVY METAL
[17:29] * njsykora is now known as Fisky
[17:29] <maxio> hahahahaha
[17:29] <Aerox> ahahahhahah
[17:29] <Eternalplayer> HAHA
[17:29] * heavyMETALLER ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:29] <The_Young_Scot> THIS GUY
[17:29] <maxio> this is my first time ever logging on to IRC......
[17:29] <maxio> hahahah
[17:29] <maxio> ahahaha
[17:29] <Eternalplayer> hey guys
[17:29] <heavyMETALLER> why was I kicked???
[17:29] <Sterling> That's like a rapist saying "I have never had sex in my life!"
[17:29] * BigPopaGamer ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[17:29] <Aerox> So, cOme on
[17:29] <Necros> guys, what's IRC?
[17:29] <Aerox> How old are you actually
[17:30] <Eternalplayer> because you're sexy
[17:30] <Necros> is that the internet?
[17:30] <heavyMETALLER> i havnt done anything..
[17:30] <DickMcVengeance> Because it's your first time on IRC
[17:30] <The_Young_Scot> THIS
[17:30] <Fisky> what's an IRC?
[17:30] <Aerox> I'm only here because I plugged my penis into the internet
[17:30] <The_Young_Scot> IS
[17:30] <The_Young_Scot> AWESOME
[17:30] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Jim, that was awesome
[17:30] <Eternalplayer> I like rape
[17:30] <DickMcVengeance> This is how we introduce you to the IRC
[17:30] <maxio> omg
[17:30] <Sterling> Don't overshoot with your lies, son
[17:30] <Aerox> Someone should hack heavymetaller's IP
[17:30] <maxio> i cant take it
[17:30] * Fisky heavyMETALLER-
[17:30] <Aerox> Just to make sure that he's not that obnoxious guy who was in here earlier
[17:30] <maxio> yeah
[17:30] <Sterling> "I swear, officer, I don't know what Walmart even is, let alone trampled an employee"
[17:30] <Aerox> (2:30:30 PM) heavyMETALLER: look this is just between me and you
[17:30] <Aerox> (2:30:35 PM) heavyMETALLER: its a PRIVATE message
[17:30] <Aerox> (2:30:39 PM) heavyMETALLER: but how the hell did you know
[17:30] * Fisky is now known as heavyMETALLER_
[17:30] <maxio> that would be a good thing to do
[17:30] * Necros jacks into heavyMETALLER's socket
[17:30] <Aerox> Oops my finger slipped

[17:30] * heavyMETALLER_ is a dick
[17:31] <heavyMETALLER> what
[17:31] <AGENT_SMITH> DMV i need a few good links
[17:31] * heavyMETALLER_ likes sucking little boys
[17:31] <Aerox> Did you say presentation or penetration

[17:31] <Necros> aerox wins
[17:31] <maxio> thats what you find out in the room
[17:31] <Aerox> (2:31:15 PM) heavyMETALLER: what the HELL
[17:31] <Aerox> (2:31:23 PM) Aerox: Ew, you like little boys?
[17:31] <Aerox> (2:31:23 PM) heavyMETALLER: stop posting PRIVATE messages into a PUBLIC chat room
[17:31] <Aerox> (2:31:27 PM) Aerox: I am pretty sure that's illegal
[17:31] <Aerox> (2:31:27 PM) heavyMETALLER: that is privacy breech
[17:31] <heavyMETALLER_> mmmm, penetration
[17:31] <DickMcVengeance> Penetration is afterwards
[17:31] <Aerox> OH GOD
[17:31] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Today's IRC is full of epic win
[17:31] <AGENT_SMITH> that is an anime isn't it?
[17:31] <Necros> heavymetaller is illegal? shit!
[17:31] <Aerox> I dunno
[17:31] <Aerox> Ask Necros
[17:31] * Eternalplayer is now known as heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER
[17:31] <ZServ> actually
[17:31] <AGENT_SMITH> if you pronounce it azn
[17:32] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> Daddy why do you hit me?
[17:32] <ZServ> thats not a breach of privacy at all
[17:32] * DickMcVengeance is now known as ChrisHansen
[17:32] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> with your cock
[17:32] <Aerox> Guys, breeching won't be tolerated
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER> omg
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER> i cant beileve this
[17:32] <Gemsi> i can
[17:32] <maxio> this is like
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER_> this is what we call, IRCrape
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER> stop now
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER> or I log off
[17:32] <maxio> the best thing ever?
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER> for goood
[17:32] <ZServ> OH NO
[17:32] <The_Young_Scot> crape?
[17:32] <Sterling> Haha
[17:32] <Gemsi> O NO
[17:32] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> Why is mommy gone
[17:32] <The_Young_Scot> HAHA
[17:32] <AGENT_SMITH> oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[17:32] <maxio> o no
[17:32] <ZServ> WE'RE SO SCARED
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER_> OH NOES
[17:32] <maxio> dont
[17:32] <Sterling> GUYS HE'S SERIOUS!
[17:32] <maxio> stay
[17:32] <ZServ> kill yourself
[17:32] <Necros> DON'T LOG OFF
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER> I mean it .... i will go and never return if you carry on treating me like this !!!
[17:32] <The_Young_Scot> CRAPE!
[17:32] <Necros> WE'LL MISS YOU
[17:32] <The_Young_Scot> FUCK
[17:32] <heavyMETALLER_> an hero
[17:32] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> That's it daddy i'm running away
[17:32] <maxio> its really the most fun ever
[17:32] <ChrisHansen> HEY, YOU SICK FUCKS
[17:32] <ChrisHansen> I NEED YOU ALL TO TAKE A SEAT
[17:33] <ChrisHansen> RIGHT NOW
[17:33] <maxio> HAHAHA
[17:33] <ZServ> how about this, you leave we report to you BT
[17:33] <maxio> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[17:33] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> help me mr.hansen
[17:33] <ZServ> how about that?
[17:33] <ZServ> you stay, we dont
[17:33] <heavyMETALLER_> noice
[17:33] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> Daddy likes to play hide the carrot with me
[17:33] <heavyMETALLER> what no dont report me
[17:33] <heavyMETALLER_> BEST. IRC. EVER!
[17:33] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> I agree
[17:33] <heavyMETALLER> ok look ill stay if you promise not to report me...but PLEASE start being nice
[17:33] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> I agree
[17:33] <Necros> look, we know you're not an internet cop
[17:33] * gibbo ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:33] * ChanBot sets mode: +v gibbo
[17:33] <ChrisHansen> Little lady, get behind the bear.
[17:33] <AGENT_SMITH> using his ip
[17:33] <Necros> but we have friends who /are/ internet cops
[17:33] <CronosBlade> hahahahaa
[17:33] <Necros> they'll send you away for a long time
[17:33] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> DAMN YOU AGENT SMITH
[17:34] <AGENT_SMITH> :D
[17:34] * Sterling ([email protected]) has left #destructoid
[17:34] * heavyMETALLER_ sucks off AGENT_SMITH
[17:34] <AGENT_SMITH> :O
[17:34] <The_Young_Scot> holy shit HeavyMettaller, do you know what the guys in jail are going to do to you?
[17:34] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> YOU GONNA GET RAPED
[17:34] <heavyMETALLER> RIGHT THAT DOSE IT !!!!! IM OUTTA THIS HELL HOLE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:34] * heavyMETALLER ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[17:34] <maxio> not only rape but educate you
[17:34] <ZServ> alright
[17:34] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> I hope daddy gets hurt like he hurt me
[17:34] <ZServ> NJ
[17:34] <maxio> awww
[17:34] <The_Young_Scot> HAHA
[17:34] <ZServ> report him
[17:34] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> aww
[17:34] <heavyMETALLER_> this is what happens when a little boy tries tangling with the big boys
[17:34] <ChrisHansen> and he'll return in....
[17:34] <Necros> you're going to be like soft tender meat, strung across a sea of...cocks
[17:34] <ChrisHansen> 5....
[17:34] <The_Young_Scot> he'll be back
[17:34] <ChrisHansen> 4....
[17:34] <ChrisHansen> 3...
[17:34] <Aerox> God damn it pew
[17:34] <ChrisHansen> 2....
[17:34] <Aerox> I am at work
[17:34] <ChrisHansen> 1....
[17:35] <CronosBlade> HAHAHAHA
[17:35] * zakton242 ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:35] <The_Young_Scot> HAHAHA
[17:35] <Necros> HI FISKY!
[17:35] <ZServ> you fucking called that
[17:35] * ChrisHansen is now known as PedoBear
[17:35] <ZServ> RIGHT on time
[17:35] <The_Young_Scot> HI FISKY!!
[17:35] <ZServ> holy shit
[17:35] <AGENT_SMITH> ah
[17:35] <AGENT_SMITH> well now you do!
[17:35] <Necros> [email protected]
[17:35] <Necros> [email protected]
[17:35] <ZServ> * zakton242 ([email protected])
[17:35] <Necros> [email protected]
[17:35] * CronosBlade is now known as BringemYoung
[17:35] <PedoBear> Zakton, how old are you?
[17:35] <ZServ> anyway, time to contact BT
[17:35] * heavyMETALLER_ is now known as Fisky
[17:35] <ZServ> bbs
[17:35] * zakton242 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[17:35] * BlackMagePsychoSoldier is now known as AnimePsychoSoldier
[17:35] <BringemYoung> hai guys a/s/l
[17:35] <Necros> he'll be back
[17:35] <Necros> they always come back
[17:35] * king3vbo (Mib[email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:35] <The_Young_Scot> this is great
[17:36] <AnimePsychoSoldier> So much win
[17:36] <The_Young_Scot> I'm packing a stiffy right now
[17:36] <heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER> I love you guys to death
[17:36] <Fisky> he's like a dancing monkey
[17:36] <Guttless_Working> I have only been able lurk since I am at work
[17:36] * PedoBear is now known as PedroBear
[17:36] * AGENT_SMITH is now known as ProfPew
[17:36] <Guttless_Working> but it has been amazing following all of this
[17:36] <Fisky> dude you missed the best IRC ever
[17:36] <ZServ> maxio
[17:36] * heavyMETALLERS|DAUGHTER is now known as eternalplayer
[17:36] <king3vbo> Gentlemen
[17:36] <ZServ> his names Zak
[17:36] <Necros> guys, i love you
[17:36] <ZServ> Age 14
[17:36] * Fisky is now known as njsykora
[17:36] <king3vbo> I have heard tales of the greatest IRC ever
[17:36] <Necros> seriously
[17:36] <maxio> haha
[17:36] <Necros> you're all amazing
[17:36] <maxio> rlly
[17:36] <The_Young_Scot> I think I just had a religious experience
[17:36] <gibbo> Damn i missed out on this hot sex
[17:36] <king3vbo> Quick
[17:36] <AnimePsychoSoldier> I am so glad that I was a part of this
[17:36] <king3vbo> bash.org it
[17:36] <eternalplayer> !Best.IRC.EVER. = 12/1/08
[17:36] <AlsoCocks> item added
[17:36] <ZServ> maxio; just my guess, which will end up being right when he comes back and we confirm
[17:37] <maxio> ok
[17:37] <The_Young_Scot> dear god
[17:37] <The_Young_Scot> shit just got real
[17:37] <naia> 12/1/08 nevar forget?
[17:37] * AnimePsychoSoldier BlackMagePsychoSoldier
[17:37] <njsykora> just don't let him know we know its him
[17:37] * AnimePsychoSoldier is now known as BlackMagePsychoSoldier
[17:37] * demiadejuyigbe (demiad[email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:37] <ProfPew> this is better than bash :P
[17:37] <Necros> IT'S HIM
[17:37] <Necros> LYNCH HIM
[17:37] <ProfPew> oh no!
[17:37] <maxio> it feels like hide and seek
[17:37] <Necros> ...wait
[17:37] <The_Young_Scot> GET EM
[17:37] <Ub3rSlug> Lemon, Hahahahahaha
[17:37] <eternalplayer> lemon
[17:37] <Ub3rSlug> You missed it mang
[17:37] <eternalplayer> lemon
[17:37] <eternalplayer> hug me
[17:37] <demiadejuyigbe> What I miss
[17:37] * BringemYoung is now known as Moderator
[17:37] <king3vbo> DEMI YOU ARE A HACKER
[17:37] <eternalplayer> BEST IRC EVER
[17:38] <ZServ> i have awesome haxin skills
[17:38] <njsykora> you missed EVERYTHING
[17:38] * demiadejuyigbe hugs eternalplayer, steals his wallet
[17:38] <ZServ> mirite necros
[17:38] <Moderator> let that fucker come back in
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> what happened!?
[17:38] <eternalplayer> DAMN NEGRO
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> DAMN IT
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> TELL ME
[17:38] <The_Young_Scot> Zserv is Neo
[17:38] <Necros> ZServ, best hacker i ever met
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> Okay, seriously.
[17:38] <maxio> you missed what irc is all about:P
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> What happen.
[17:38] <eternalplayer> I am a little girl who has been molested
[17:38] <Necros> seriously, someone post this, i'm too lazy to sort through and do it :P
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> DAMN IT
[17:38] <The_Young_Scot> yes
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> TELLL
[17:38] <The_Young_Scot> someone post
[17:38] <demiadejuyigbe> MEEEEE
[17:38] <Moderator> lemon - kid came in
[17:38] <Necros> i nominate ZServ
[17:38] <Moderator> acted like a mod/cop
[17:38] <njsykora> a fake Dynastynet mod came in and tried to get us to behave
[17:38] <Moderator> serv hacked him
[17:38] <gibbo> hahahaha
[17:38] <Necros> on account of his awesome hacking skills
[17:38] <Moderator> got his host
[17:38] <Moderator> the kid started to cry not to get reported
[17:39] <demiadejuyigbe> HAHAHAHAHA
[17:39] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lol
[17:39] <Moderator> came back in later different name, SAME HOST
[17:39] <demiadejuyigbe> Post it on the blogs!
[17:39] <Necros> kept pm-ing us, asking us how we hacked him
[17:39] <Moderator> we've been fucking with him for the last 30 mins
[17:39] <eternalplayer> damnit I wanna see the whole thing
[17:39] <Moderator> damnit
[17:39] <Moderator> I need him to come bac
[17:39] <Moderator> back
[17:39] <demiadejuyigbe> Zserv's awesome right-click hacking skills, eh?
[17:40] <The_Young_Scot> I'd hate to have to mop the floor of IRC tonight
[17:40] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lol
[17:40] <demiadejuyigbe> POST IT
[17:40] * PedroBear is now known as DickMcVengeance
[17:40] <demiadejuyigbe> FUCK
[17:40] <demiadejuyigbe> NO
[17:40] <demiadejuyigbe> KILL IT
[17:40] * demiadejuyigbe kicks Dick
[17:41] <maxio> lol it rhymes
[17:41] * DickMcVengeance rapes Lemon
[17:41] <eternalplayer> Whos?
[17:41] <ZServ> gimme the start time
[17:41] <ZServ> and ill get the logs
[17:43] <Necros> ZServ
[17:43] * smith232 ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[17:43] * gibbo changes lemon's theme song to Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
[17:43] <Necros> 4:58PM EST
[17:43] <ZServ> alright, good
[17:43] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> LOL
[17:43] <Aerox> YES
[17:43] -> -necros- thats him
[17:43] <demiadejuyigbe> Necros: It's only 4:43 CST...
[17:43] <Necros> my IRC logs via Ircle aren't ideal, since they cut off names
[17:43] <Moderator> ...
[17:43] <Moderator> EST
[17:44] <demiadejuyigbe> oh
[17:44] <demiadejuyigbe> nevermind.
[17:44] <demiadejuyigbe> Necros: Switch to Colloquy!
[17:44] <ZServ> see, my logs are timestamped and everything
[17:44] <Necros> but i like the outdated look of ircle...
[17:44] <ZServ> it's awesome cuz now they just want me to email logs
[17:44] <demiadejuyigbe> Necros: Babushka!
[17:44] <ZServ> they're getting ready on the paperwork to shut his internet off right now
[17:44] <ZServ> amazing, is it not?
[17:44] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Nice
[17:45] <ZServ> No one fucks with ZServ.
[17:45] * Moderator golf claps
[17:45] * Moderator is now known as CronosBlade
[17:45] <king3vbo> wait wat
[17:45] <eternalplayer> It was you all along!
[17:45] <king3vbo> I didn't know Zserv contacted his ISP
[17:45] <gibbo> Aww new Dr.Mcninja isn't up yet
[17:45] -> -CRONOSBLADE- once i get him to say it im pasting
[17:45] <demiadejuyigbe> ZServ: Good to know I'll put out an alert with the women of the world.
[17:45] <demiadejuyigbe> www.instantrimshot.com
[17:46] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lol
[17:46] <ZServ> lemon; eh, no one wants me anyway
[17:46] <ZServ> :]
[17:46] <CronosBlade> LOL
[17:46] <Aerox> Hey smith232
[17:46] <Aerox> How's it going?
[17:46] <eternalplayer> What did you tell his ISP?
[17:46] <Aerox> Welcome to Destructoid
[17:47] <ZServ> Called em and told them that hostmask 542C30F1.range86-132.btcentralplus.com was impersonating a police officer and threatening chat roomers with bans and impersonating server personel.
[17:47] <naia> ZServ wins five internets
[17:47] <eternalplayer> haha I found a racist forum
[17:47] <ZServ> Apparently impersonating a police officer is not only against their policy, but they're contacting MY isp as well
[17:47] <demiadejuyigbe> You should call back and tell him that he tried to solicit sexual favors from you- and that you're 14.
[17:47] <ZServ> because now MY isp is supposed to contact the FBI
[17:48] <CronosBlade> oh shit, say goodbye to zserv once they find out what he's been doing
[17:48] <Aerox> Man, sucks for that kid
[17:48] <naia> :O
[17:48] <ZServ> because since he broke laws on an AMERICAN SERVER he's gonna be exported
[17:48] <Aerox> I wonder what he would say if he was here right now
[17:48] <The_Young_Scot> WHUT
[17:48] <CronosBlade> yeah I wonder
[17:48] <eternalplayer> UH
[17:48] <eternalplayer> UM
[17:48] <The_Young_Scot> THIS IS MAH FIRST TIME ON THE WEB
[17:48] <eternalplayer> Oh wait not ben
[17:48] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> I say we knight ZServ king of the internets
[17:48] <smith232> look guys
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:45] <smith232> look your not really going to contact BT are you/???
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:45] <smith232> PLEASE dont
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:45] <smith232> ill do ANYTHING
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:45] <ZServ> who the hell are you?
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:45] <smith232> im just a friend
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:45] <smith232> of the guy your trying to report
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:47] <smith232> PLEASE stop this
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:47] <smith232> please
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:47] <smith232> im begging you not to go through with this
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:48] <smith232> oh god please
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:48] <smith232> dont go me into trouble over this
[17:48] <ZServ> [17:48] <smith232> PLEASE
[17:48] <king3vbo> Zserv, you may take my mantle as king for one day
[17:49] <ZServ> SO FUCKING HARD
[17:49] <eternalplayer> haha
[17:49] <njsykora> you fucked with the wrong people
[17:49] <eternalplayer> ask for a bribe
[17:49] <king3vbo> No one fucks with ZServ
[17:49] <The_Young_Scot> I heard you can still get the chair for impersonating a cop, as it's considered treason
[17:49] <The_Young_Scot> wait
[17:49] <Gemsi> <smith232> ill do ANYTHING .....those words mean a lot here
[17:49] <naia> king3vbo: does that mean you're just 3vbo today?
[17:49] <ZServ> scot; actually technically it is treason
[17:49] <The_Young_Scot> do they still hang people for treason?
[17:50] <maxio> lol
[17:50] <maxio> the internet
[17:50] <ZServ> so they COULD give the death penalty
[17:50] <maxio> those words mean alot
[17:50] <ZServ> this kid must be shitting bricks over there
[17:50] <njsykora> nobody fucks with the IRCartel
[17:50] <ZServ> "OH GOD DEATH OVER A JOKE?!"
[17:50] <Ub3rSlug> HAHAHAHAHA
[17:50] * king3vbo is now known as Evbo
[17:50] <Aerox> Gotta love the Patriot Act
[17:50] <eternalplayer> Wow, Imagine if we were responsible for killing someone
[17:50] <Evbo> Yes naia
[17:50] <eternalplayer> that would actually suck a lot
[17:50] * Ub3rSlug hands ZServ king's crown
[17:50] <Evbo> he even took my 3
[17:50] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Snap
[17:50] <Aerox> Eh it's Zserv's fault
[17:50] <Aerox> Our hands are clean
[17:50] <eternalplayer> True
[17:50] <Cheezeitz> Kill him!
[17:50] <The_Young_Scot> the blood will never wash off
[17:51] <maxio> ALL HAIL THE KING!!
[17:51] <Evbo> KingZServ
[17:51] <dyslixec> PEW PEWPEWPPEWPEW
[17:51] <ZServ> and then they owned you
[17:51] <Ub3rSlug> DYSLIXEC, LOLOLOLOL
[17:51] * ZServ is now known as KingZServ
[17:51] <KingZServ> his name has to be something stupidly british
[17:51] <Ub3rSlug> his name is Robert Paulson
[17:51] <KingZServ> like koala or something
[17:52] <Evbo> How about "Limey"
[17:52] <Evbo> or "Bugger"
[17:52] <Evbo> or "Sodoff"
[17:52] <eternalplayer> Blimey it's limey!
[17:52] <The_Young_Scot> he is the artist formally known as Prince
[17:52] <KingZServ> what sucks is, if he ISNT of legal age, they'll not only export him but hold him in the states until he's old enough to be tried as an adult
[17:52] * Star_Croc64 (CrocB[email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:52] <eternalplayer> Or damn........what are wiggers called in the UK?
[17:52] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Prince is now a Jevho witness
[17:52] <eternalplayer> Chavees
[17:52] <gibbo> Phillip, Edward, needs more stereotypical british names
[17:52] <eternalplayer> his one of those
[17:52] <Evbo> FBI TIEM
[17:52] * dyslixec is really confused
[17:53] <Sterling> Wait, is that troll still in here?
[17:53] <Ub3rSlug> That's what I was laughing about Dyslixec.
[17:53] <njsykora> yeah
[17:53] <eternalplayer> We wish
[17:53] <KingZServ> naw sterling
[17:53] <KingZServ> but i DID contact his ISP
[17:53] <Sterling> Shouldn't he be in bed? It's late in England
[17:53] <dyslixec> someone just messaged me
[17:53] <dyslixec> ZSERV NOOOOOOOO DONT DO IT
[17:53] <eternalplayer> Jim is the only good troll we got now
[17:53] <KingZServ> if everything goes through hes being exported to the US for 6 years
[17:53] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lol
[17:53] <KingZServ> amazing, is it not?
[17:53] <Sterling> I am the lord of trolls
[17:54] <Evbo> dyslixec
[17:54] <Sterling> Trolls come to me seeking counsel
[17:54] <dyslixec> sorry
[17:54] <Evbo> Zserv is such a badass, he took my title
[17:54] <Evbo> and my 3
[17:54] <dyslixec> he told me to try and persuade you not to do it
[17:54] <dyslixec> lol
[17:54] <eternalplayer> Haha
[17:54] * Evbo is now known as Evan
[17:54] <Evan> now I have to use my real name
[17:54] <Evan> but it's ok
[17:54] <dyslixec> i did all that i could do
[17:54] <Evan> he deserves it
[17:54] <Aerox> Yeah he's still in here
[17:54] <Aerox> He's being real quiet though
[17:54] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lolololol
[17:54] <KingZServ> I, king ZServ, grant Evan his 3.
[17:55] * Evan is now known as THREEvbo
[17:55] <THREEvbo> (cant put a number at the beginning of a nick)
[17:55] <dyslixec|> so why the hell are you contacting his isp? lol
[17:55] <eternalplayer> So if you or anyone you know is one of them please punch them in the dick
[17:55] <The_Young_Scot> NJ: I feel it was totally necessary
[17:56] <gibbo> You would you internet famoose guy
[17:57] <Cheezeitz> So wait.
[17:57] <Cheezeitz> What are we talking about...
[17:57] <dyslixec> so what caused zserv to contact dudes isps?
[17:57] <demiadejuyigbe> Did Zserv post the blog yet?
[17:57] <Ub3rSlug> ZServ is getting a 14 year old kid shipped to the US to be helded until he is old enough to be tried and hung.
[17:58] <njsykora> maybe not hung Slug
[17:58] <CronosBlade> as opposed to all the other times we've had 14 year olds shipped to the US
[17:59] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> Never had a bento lunch before
[17:59] <eternalplayer> I always wanted to try bento
[17:59] <njsykora> eternalplayer loves a bento
[18:00] <Ub3rSlug> Njsykora, it's the US, we hang who ever the fuck we want.
[18:00] <KingZServ> [17:59] <smith232> you KNOW i meant nothing serious in waht i did
[18:00] <KingZServ> [17:59] <KingZServ> oh I know, but you do the crime you to the time. Unfortunately, since you decided to impersonate on an american server, you're gonna be doing time in AMERICA. We have big angry blacks in jail over here.
[18:00] <KingZServ> I say we buy him some vasoline for that first month
[18:00] <KingZServ> anyone else?
[18:00] <Necros> he im'ed me too
[18:00] <dys> you guys are fucking cruel
[18:00] <dys> lmfao
[18:00] <THREEvbo> I'll throw in a buck or two
[18:01] <eternalplayer> Or puts some vicks vapor rub in a vasoline bottle
[18:01] <njsykora> we're merciless
[18:01] <KingZServ> THAT SHIT BURNS
[18:01] <KingZServ> LIKE ALL HELL
[18:01] <eternalplayer> I know
[18:01] <THREEvbo> oh god
[18:01] <KingZServ> give him bengay
[18:01] <eternalplayer> haha
[18:01] <Necros> smith232: Please there msut be something i can do to make this up
[18:02] <dys> x
[18:02] <njsykora> we're like Anonymous, only less forgiving
[18:02] <eternalplayer> Let's get him on a podcast and just screw with him for an hour or two
[18:02] <THREEvbo> SMITH232
[18:03] <maxio> nj is right
[18:03] <THREEvbo> Tell us, Smith232, how will it be when they buttrape you IN AMERICA BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD 11/10 NUKES WE HAVE IT
[18:03] <KingZServ> [18:02] <smith232> but what pleasure do you get out off seeing me to go to jail when i really meant NO ONE any harm
[18:03] <KingZServ> [18:03] <KingZServ> None except knowing that there's one less criminal in the world. and thats good enough for me.
[18:03] <dys> I wanna be a special guest again and rage on faces >:D
[18:03] <THREEvbo> hahahaha
[18:03] <Aerox> feces?
[18:03] <njsykora> I wanna be a special guest again and rage on feces *fixed
[18:03] <eternalplayer> Guys my mom said I'm not allowed to screw around with internet terrorists
[18:04] <THREEvbo> feces rage?
[18:04] <KingZServ> friggin smith232 getting EP kicked outta the chat
[18:04] <KingZServ> with his moderating
[18:04] <eternalplayer> That bastard
[18:04] <THREEvbo> I bet that innernet terrorist TOOK OUR JEHBS
[18:04] <eternalplayer> will he stop at nothing tell him my mom walked in and started beating me because of him
[18:05] <Cheezeitz> Enjoy prison mah boi.
[18:05] <smith232> look
[18:05] <smith232> i met NO HARM
[18:05] <smith232> please
[18:05] * njsykora looks
[18:05] <smith232> dont let this happen
[18:05] * njsykora gives the thumbs down
[18:06] <dys> toolate, better get those kneepads on and break em in
[18:06] <The_Young_Scot> remember to use your tongue
[18:06] <njsykora> you fucked with the wrong channel
[18:06] <eternalplayer> My dad went to prison for saying he was a cop while drunk
[18:06] <eternalplayer> He got life
[18:06] <smith232> yes i realise that njsykora
[18:06] <njsykora> be greatful we weren't 4chan, they would've arranged to have you killed
[18:06] <smith232> i made a mistake
[18:07] <smith232> PLEASE
[18:07] <Aerox> How old are you
[18:07] <The_Young_Scot> I was a drummer in an 80's rock band, I made a mistake whilst driving and I lost an arm
[18:08] <eternalplayer> I'm a surgeon I made a mistake and it cost a family their mom and dad
[18:08] <eternalplayer> the next day the son and daughter committed duel suicide
[18:08] <njsykora> I'm a fireman, i made a mistake once and died
[18:08] <Cheezeitz> I made a mistake, I put an extra cup of sugar in my cookies
[18:09] <smith232> please find a way to stop this
[18:09] <smith232> PLEASE
[18:09] <CronosBlade> nj - flashing kids isn't a mistake
[18:09] <smith232> i will do anything you wnat
[18:09] <smith232> im truly sorry
[18:09] <eternalplayer> It's not up to us kid
[18:10] <eternalplayer> it's in the laws hands
[18:10] <CronosBlade> anything we want? definantly be glad we're not 4 chan
[18:10] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> lol
[18:10] <THREEvbo> film yourself dancing naked to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones with SHOE ON HEAD
[18:10] <dys> I made a mistake once, I thought she said she was 18 but she really said 'im aching'
[18:10] <eternalplayer> That was me dys
[18:10] <dys> OH!
[18:10] <eternalplayer> you see I have to live with those C section scars smith
[18:10] <eternalplayer> all because I made a MISTAKE
[18:11] <Ub3rSlug> Smith, the only way to stop it is to take down the united states government.
[18:11] <Ub3rSlug> You don't hate the US government... do you?
[18:11] <Cheezeitz> You better not.
[18:11] <eternalplayer> Smith are you a terrorist?
[18:11] <Cheezeitz> Or you're fucked.
[18:12] <eternalplayer> We should get this guy red flagged
[18:12] <Ub3rSlug> Smith, the US Gov can do whatever they want whenever they want.
[18:12] <Ub3rSlug> You cant stop it.
[18:12] <dys> you cant have terrorist without error !
[18:12] <smith232> red flagged? what dose that mean???
[18:12] <THREEvbo> Agent Smith232, your mission is to infiltrate the highest levels of US government
[18:12] <CronosBlade> you'll find out the first time you're with a girl during that special time
[18:12] <smith232> omg
[18:12] <CronosBlade> oh wait that's not redflagged
[18:12] <smith232> i cant beileve you guys are making a joking out of this
[18:12] <smith232> this is my life
[18:12] <smith232> ruined
[18:13] <BlackMagePsychoSoldier> making a joking hahaha
[18:13] <njsykora> yeah, and its not ours, welcome to the internet
[18:13] <eternalplayer> This my cock
[18:13] <eternalplayer> throbing
[18:13] <Cheezeitz> You should have thought about that beforehand.
[18:13] <Ub3rSlug> 3VBO HAHAHAHAHA
[18:13] <Ub3rSlug> SHAGOHOD
[18:13] <demiadejuyigbe> DAMN IT GUYS
[18:14] <CronosBlade> protip - when the black van pulls up, resist arrest for more points
[18:14] <Ub3rSlug> He's Black, you know.
[18:14] <THR
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