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European Virtual Console: Keep Your Money

So Sonic Unleashed is getting slammed by every reviewer under the sun. Its not affecting me as I know its a fun game, the only review I'm interested in is the one that's going to appear on this site. As far as I'm concerned, only one reviewer is going into the review of this game with the right mindset. That this isn't trying to be a return to form, its trying to put the franchise back on track. So rant over, on to this week's Virtual Console games.

Game 1 - Space Invaders
SNES - 800 Points

Its Space Invaders. Not much else to say really. If like most people around here you have a copy of Space Invaders Extreme there's no need to pick up this one. If you haven't got it, then wait until it comes out on XBLA next year.

Game 2 - Forgotten Worlds
Mega Drive - 800 Points

Its the terrible game with the awesome boxart according to Mr Concelmo. Not worth your money.

Game 3 - Metal Slug 2
Neo-Geo - 900 Points

Its an awesome shooter which we all know. However its also in Metal Slug Anthology which is another game we should all have. If you don't have it by now then track a copy down as its surely dirt cheap by now.

3 games, 2 of them are pretty good but there are better versions of those games for full price out there.

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