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NXE Impressions From A Sony Fanboy

The insanely overhyped New Xbox Experience has farted its way onto my roommate's Xbox 360 courtesy of me since he's at work. So it falls to be to take to my Destructoid C-Blog to wave the almighty Sony flag from the roof of my castle trumpeting its EPIC FAILURE!!!

Unfortunately, I can't change my name to Heretic so being a dick is somewhat below me. What follows is not hardcore Sony fanboyism but my honest opinions on the new dashboard.

First of all, we were told the NXE would pop up at 10am. It was 11am before the system update finally showed itself to me and I could get the update going. After a few minutes of installing and downloading I finally got past the colourful intro movie to the new dashboard itself, or rather the avatar creation screen where I created myself in Avatar form.

I would like to break here quickly and say that Wilbo's avatar is insanely similar to his real life self. Seriously, boy did a bangup job on that. Also BunnyRabbit2's sideburns are insanely sizable.

The arcade stuff that Topher was enthusing about applies strictly to the marketplace. Boxart doesn't show in the library for downloaded games (if there is a way to get this to show please let me know) but its still nice to look at and makes flicking through stuff a bit quicker.

My main love though is the new friends list. I am currently going out to Tesco to buy an Xbox Live card for one major reason. When I go to my friendlist I see Bunny, Gandy, Alex and ZServ grouped together in a party. I get invites to that party. But I cannot fucking join that party and I feel left out, I want to be in that group doing the mexican wave (yeah, grouped avatars do a mexican wave) and I want to be playing (hold on to your socks, they may be blown off) Halo 3.

There is no logic to how this has happened, but the NXE has made me feel one thing more than joy and wonder and ease of use. As an Xbox Live Silver user, its made me feel left out. Unless I pay, I'm not welcome at Bunny's party, or any party.



After a horrific episode with a bunch of clueless twats at Tesco I went into town and picked up a 3-month live code and 2100 points. So add me to thy friend list and lets get it on.
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