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Fallout: video and guide - super lazyness late edition

Wow I shoulda posted this a while ago :P

but I'm lazy ^^ Ah well made another video, but not a look-back like my others! (not that i can really look back on 2-3 weeks ago and report on good old times with a straight face for a game as new as fallout 3 :P). Actually it doesn't have any of the talking. It's not the most amazing video around since im not the alakafuckignzam of video editing but I think I did a pretty good job and I'm very pleased ;p (though sad I didn't get a LPrime voice synther :/)

Ah well I should shutup and get to it huh ;p But first the "guide"

The 2 things you need to know about fallout 3 that you might not know (but probably do by now)

1: There is a flashlight, hold down tab.
2: you can assign shit to hotkeys, go to your pipboy and hold down a number then click on whatever u want ;p

alright to the video! As always youtube has managed to play it in craptacular vision on lq so I suggest clicking through and watchign it in hight quality!

Linkage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyZGe3xGIII

rapidshare download linkage in case you for some reason want to dl it :P http://rapidshare.com/files/161375018/Fallout_AwesomenessF.wmv.html (about 180 megs)

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