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I've been having a blast, but miss you too, Dtoid!


So I know I haven't exactly been a very hands on member, mainly because my hands have been on my Xbox controller for the past EVER. My junk is very jealous of my right hand lately. I've been having A LOT of fun with Fallout3, Lego Batman, Gears 2, Soul Calibur 4, and Left 4 Dead. I seriously suggest Lego Batman for couples.

I've been using my new room mates PC for the past couple days to talk to some people online, and I do really miss you guys. 'cept Tazar. You mo. I'll be getting back on more and more after this weekend, when I finally pick up the power cord for my crapped out PC.

Finally I do need two favors from the community. I need a link to the NARP in Miami, hopefully I can get in touch with Kryptinite. Also if anyone knows caffienepowered's email that'd be grand. Send it to ( snaileb at gmail ), and not in the comments! :P Thanks.

In the meantime thanks for all the well wishes, and I've been playing a lot of Gears 2 and L4D. If anyone want's to hop on sometime, my Gamertag : Snaileb

Thanks for listening CHHHIIILLLDREEEN this is THREE SNAIL (OOOOOWWWW)...

OK, sorry, no more Fallout3 for a bit.
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