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$10 - 10 Years Of Content from Gish Creator


According to 1Up, Edmund McMillen (creator of 2D platformer, Gish) has announced that he will be selling one mighty fine package. His compilation will include over 17 games, 15 comics, 4 sketchbooks, and a few animations (and movies) all for a measly $10.

"I've spent the past 10 years of my life trying my best to stay independent and work on personal projects I felt had meaning to me and what I was trying to express as an artist. All my work has a personal cathartic theme. I don't censor my ideas even if they contradict my personal views and I think that's something very important when it comes to making art. Thanks for buying the CD, I hope you enjoy my work. -Edmund McMillen"

If the Fall rape-fest has left you broke and broken, and you're still starving for games, I'd recommend checking this out. Skip on the burgers this weekend and enjoy 10 years of this creative guy's work for a weekend. If you need more persuasion, just check out the video above.

You can find this collection here at edmundm.com.

[Via 1Up]
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