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Fallout 3 - I'm So Immersed It's Turning Me Away



I don�t know about you folks, but I hate being around downers. Depression is like the flu. If I�m around people or a location that�s dark and down, I become uneasy.

Games like Bioshock and Fallout 3 try to push you into a dark and depressing world, and while I do find them interesting, I can�t help but want to leave. That�s happening with Fallout 3 and I hate that I can�t have fun for long periods of time.

The entire world in Fallout 3 is horrible. Life for everyone in it is mostly about surviving. When a game has me immersed as much as this one, I begin to think about the characters and their lives. It�s never rainbows and puppies (not unless they're mutants who want to eat your face).

I applaud Bethesda for their work in making me feel this way but I can�t take it for long. You can walk for hours and not see a single thing that�ll make me feel like at least someone is having a great time and living a good life. It�s all about being in constant fear and feeling paranoid. It�s an unsafe world everywhere. I sometimes wish I could go back in the Vault and chill.

It was a strange transition when I went from Fable 2 to Fallout 3. In Fable I have a large house, a healthy family, people love me, and there�s color! Glorious color! Sure, there are zombies and I�ve met some characters that had an unfortunate life. The difference is that I can go into Bowerstone Market (an area in Fable 2) and fart for hearts (love). Fallout doesn�t have farting.

I've noticed that this only happens with video games. I�ve never watched a movie that has affected me in a similar way. I do feel bad for characters, but it doesn�t make me walk out of it. I can only take Fallout 3 for a few hours before I need to do something positive.

I think time spent plays a big role. Spending a few hours in a post-apocalyptic world is going to do more for me than any normal length movie.

I don�t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I am enjoying the game. There are times when it makes me smile (blowing away a Super Mutant�s head). I�m not complaining, and I�m not saying the way I feel makes this game bad. If anything whatever Bathesda wanted, it�s worked. I do think the world is interesting and I am enjoying the game for the few hours I play it. I will be completing this game no matter how long it takes me.

Do any of you feel the same? Do some games affect you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and why?

P.S. - It�s really late and I can�t sleep. I just wrote up something I had been thinking about. Excuse the mess and excuse my excuses for poor writing.


P.P.S. - I�m probably just a giant puss bag. I can�t play horror games. I don�t believe being in a constant state of fear and tension is fun or appealing in any way. This is why Goozex has taken my copy of Dead Space and I�m getting SSB: Brawl in a while. I still have a few points left. I want Saints Row 2.�
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