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A Watchmen Game - Will It Work?


Who cares! As many of you may already know, It's being made anyways!

According to 1Up, EGM's December cover story will give us a few details, and probably answer a few questions. The most important query will most definitely be, "why the fuck?" I personally don't think Watchmen can work as a movie, but this could work as a game.

Games don't always have to be about action, but let's be honest - if you're going to work with an IP like this, it'll have to entail some form of ass kicking. The thing is, Watchmen was never about that and unless they whip out some incredibly compelling story, I can only see this turning into a slightly average brawler.

According to James Mielke, the game is looking pretty solid. That's also what was said about Spider-Man Web of Shadows, but I've been seeing some very unimpressed faces.

Watchmen is dangerous territory. Let's hope these people know what they're doing. Worst case scenario is that it will turn out like Iron Man did. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic.

If you're interested in learning a bit more, you may want to pick up a copy of EGM next time around. There's only so much a single blog post can say.
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