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Red vs Blue Reconstruction - How Was It?


Rooster Teeth�s latest installment in the Red vs. Blue series, Red vs. Blue Reconstruction, has come to a close. Well, this season has, and I do like what I�ve been shown so far. I was sort of skeptical when I saw the first few XBOX exclusive episodes. The seriousness did not sit well with me, but thank goodness it�s not how the series has gone. It still has it�s humor, but manages to explain all the ludicrous things that happened with the first hundred episodes. It didn't feel like they explained too much. I�m not too fond of things being explained to me too much. I�m looking at you, midi-cholrians. There was a tinge of mystery in this series like there have been in the past.

Rooster Teeth has stepped away from keeping things simple and have moved on to some fairly impressive looking effects. They managed to believably merge three levels into one location. You can tell they really stepped up with the production side of things.

I�m also really surprised with the voice acting. You don�t really get that with most machinima, and it wasn't ever bad with Red vs. Blue. It seems a bit too professional for the medium, but I guess that�s not really a bad thing. Sure, you�re not getting award winning dialogue, but for what it is, the voice acting works really well.

It�s no surprise that the cinematography has improved with Halo 3�s replay feature as well. Combine those fancy effects and that good camera work, and you�ve got a really good looking series. They haven't strayed away from using the game engine to pull off a bit of effects so that's good. It gets to keep it's charm.

My only real complaint with the series is that you had to invest some time with the original 5 seasons for you to understand a lot of what was going on. I�ve seen episodes 1 through 100, so I know what�s happening but for those who haven�t, it�ll be hard to get into it. I recommend you do watch the older episodes so you can understand what�s going on, but mostly because they really are funny.

They have a boxed set that�s worth around $69, but it�s worth it. You�re getting a ton of content in that box, and most of it is good. I haven�t bought it because I can�t afford it right now, but I promised myself I would. Machinima interests me a lot, and this is by far the best series in this medium.

What do you think (those who have watched the new series) of Reconstruction? Do you think they explained too much, or do you want to know more? If you haven't cared to keep up with Red vs. Blue, why not?

Note - I guess Rooster Teeth doesn't want people posting their videos all over the web. It seems silly, but I couldn't embed any of their stuff - even from their youtube page.
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