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Vending Machines That Sell PS3 Games in the UK


According to stuff.tv, not only will you be able to grab yourself a movie, you'll also be able to purchase PS3 games, or shove a thumb drive in it for downloads.

This isn't that old vending machine that refuses to take your dollar even though it's fucking perfect. In stuff.tv's video previews, you can see that the machine uses a touch screen interface that lets you preview movies before buying them. Sadly, you won't be jamming your crumpled up money into this thing of the future. Well, not your small bills. Paying for a PS3 game in change is probably a bad idea.

Universal Pictures and Sony entertainment teamed up to place these machines for people to grab their entertainment needs whenever they please, and that's pretty damn awesome. These need to be in college dorms and in America.

Ah, well. I'll get back to work. I'll keep dreaming of the day where we can finally zap physical items into our homes. We need things in our lives that make it so we never have to get up ever.

Sadly, that won't be the case for me. Not for a while, but I won't say anything else.

P.S. - What if this machine, like the old potato chip ones, lock up and don't give you what you bought...


A dollar is one thing, but sixty...?
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