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Seriously, people still b***h about the NXE?

I've thought about making this post for a while, and now I will. What the hell do people keep bitching about the New XBox Experience about? Avatars? OH NO, A COMPLETELY OPTIONAL FEATURE. The redesign of the actual dashboard? The new guide is the same fucking dashboard we have now! Just press the damn guide button! You don't like change? Yeah, I don't like you. Fuck off.

Seriously, Nintendo took MMO character customization, and made it big headed and round. Nothing original, yet everyone SCREAMS that its unique and amazing. Microsoft do it, suddenly Microsoft is the spawn of fucking Satan to 360 owners. You still get your damn games, you're complaining about a fucking design you'll see once per gaming session? Seriously?

I know, I'm making a fit right now. I just don't see why people are STILL fucking going off about this, as if it's going to change anything. HOW much does it really affect you? You get Gears still, you got Fable 2, Fallout 3, all the games that were coming out anyway. I'm sorry, but it seems kind of petty to complain over something you see when you turn your 360 on, and switch games. Hell, even then you don't need to use it. Like I've said, the new guide is the old dashboard, so its not like you're losing the love of your life. What's that? You're pissed because a company is doing something to attract casual gamers, and more money? Yeah, look at the Wii's 3rd party selection outside of the 5 or so awesome ones and continue to bitch. We're still getting awesome games, the only change is a redesign. Mind you, I'm not exactly beaming with excitement over the new DASHBOARD, I want the fuckin 8 person private chat.

(Note: Anyone who gets the above reference is my hero.)
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