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Welcome back the new "old" E3


Everybody who hasn't read up on the E3 2009, should do so now. Like over here.

From the looks of things E3 will go back to being the colossus of a game show next year. Big booths and masses of people.

This year's E3 was strange in a lot of ways. There is no doubt, that E3 is the biggest game show, when it comes to gaming news. Especially the conferences of the big three are showing the direction they are aiming for. But on the other hand the show floor was small, everybody had their own little showings in hotel rooms and all in all the flashiness a video game trade show is supposed to have was missing. (Of course I write all this without being there...)

So next year everything will be better. Right?

Well if you want to hear my true thoughts about it: Maybe.

It all depends on how the publishers will embrace the show. Will Activision be there or are there even more publishers quiting out of the show? Will the press conferences be targeted less for mass media and more for the attending audience? It's way to early to tell and perhaps we will have to wait and see, what happens at the show next year.

On a final note: Why won't they admit the E3 '07 and '08 were failures and they are returning to the old format, but rather say it is the new new E3? That's stupid.
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