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Why I love Destructoid (Short blog)

I'm relatively new, only been here about 3-4 months or something like that and a lurker before then, but in those 3-4 months I've felt so accepted straight away. And last night just sealed the deal for me.
For those unaware, it was a day that would go down in history as the day the Destructoid community collectively sang the YMCA. And it was epic! Even more epic than the most epic thing in the world.
People from all over the world, some who have met each other, some who haven't all raising their arms into a Y, an M, a C and an A while our leader Jim Sterling led us through the song.

Singing in IRC, singing on Xbox Live, singing in the NowLive chat made for one heck of a night that I could've spent doing some work but didn't

And so, on that note I say I love Destructoid, I love Niero for making Destructoid and I love each and every one of you fuckers who frequent this site and make it what it is!
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