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Those familiar with Woot are probably veterans to their worthless cheap electronics. This piece of 1970s future tech may interest you, or it may very well make you laugh your ass off.

For a measly $99.99 you can experience the future the way Marty McFly did. According to Woot the glasses look like a "44-inch screen viewed from 9 feet." That's not bad, but who would wear this? I don't see any circumstance in which I'd feel safe with these on. I guess if you're broke and can't afford a large TV they could be a decent replacement. It all depends on the video quality.

They seem really unsafe. Would you really get on a bus with these? You're basically blinding yourself.

The only place where I can see them working is on a plane, but not many people fly frequently. It's fairly pointless, don't you think?

P.S. - Does the picture's size make my blog look strange? Tell me so I can change it.
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