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Quantum of Solace - Wii Exclusive Offline Multiplayer... WHAT?!?!

Ok so being a huge James bond fan, and owning a very capable PC, Wii and 360, I have been debating what system I should consider buying the new Quantum of Solace game for when it is released next month.

After reading everyone's reliable friend wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_of_Solace) I came across a passage stating the the wii version would be the ONLY version to include offline multiplayer!

Seriously WHAT THE HECK IS THE WORLD COMING TO? Is it to much to ask that a guy can invite some friends over to his house on a Friday night for some good OLD FASHIONED LOCAL FRAGGING? Does anyone else realize that it was Goldeneye that single-handedly created the local frag fest that I love so dearly, and it was in fact, a JAMES BOND GAME!

Now I do have a Wii and that is nice and all, but as of yet I have not had any decent experiences with first person shooters on it. Somehow even though the Wii version is apparently chocked full of extra features I get the feeling they are making up for something the wii can't do that the others can.

I would much prefer an offline frag extravaganza on my 360. It's just plain old better adapted to the task. If Halo can do it, why not James Bond? This brings a serious question to my mind that may require some discussion... Is local Multipayer being shunned by developers in favor of online only experiences? This really makes it seem so. Personally I PREFER blasting my buddies that are right beside me, its a more personal and social experience. I also can't stand paying for xbox live gold. PC games have had all these services and more for much longer and I don't see many people trying to charge me extra for them on that platform (or at least if they do try it almost certainly fails... that's right windows live, I am looking at you).

Perhaps it should be noted FPS's are generally easyer to play on PC... But oh sigh, what can I say. When I first heard about this game I was excited, hoping it might bring back my semi-glory days as a Goldeneye fragster, but under these circumstances? I don't even know anymore.

Offline multiplayer should come before online. Come one people, give precedence to the kind folks beside you!
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