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My LittleBigPlanet Beta Experience: Limited "The Beta Is Still On/I Got In Late" Edition

Well, it was when I began typing this.

Let's see. On the topic of LittleBigPlanet, LBP, or "The Gift From God" as some would call it, there is no certain place to start, you just have to pick a spot and work around from there.

So I'll start with actually playing the game.

Basically, the only buttons you need are R1, X, that's it. Move with the analog stick, and you've already mastered controls to an extent. I do wish there was some sort of a sprint option, waiting for my little Sackboy to run from one place to another quickly got tedious and annoying. And slow.

All the platforming you and I know is there, with added physics. Actually, the thing that took me by surprise WAS the physics. It kinda helped tear itself away from other platformer if you looked at LBP from a platforming standpoint. Everything reacts as it should if you where a 1:100000 (or however ratios work) scale model of yourself, from knitted blocks to wooden cylinders rolling down a hill, everything is scientifically, in the physics sense, sound.

All in all, LittleBigPlanet managed to impress me quite a bit, although I, myself, wouldn't call it the second coming of Mace Windu, I did manage to have fun with the levels, the community levels, and some fun with My Moon, even if I need more time to get the hang of creating things. From this beta, I'm defiantly putting LittleBigPlanet on my "Pick Up When You Get Cash" list, like everything else.

Now, I need Burnout Paradise, and strangely, I could use some Folklore.
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