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Klik & Play and other game creation tools.


This morning I was sort of reminiscing about the good old days when I was a kid and would make extremely simple games with a program called Klik & Play. I was around 7 years old when I would play with this software and I used it up until about the age of 13 when I ended up moving on to Flash. My memories of K&P and time spent with that program are extremely fond though. I made a lot of really fun things and got a lot of good self expression out. I remember this one game I made where you went around killing all the Power Rangers and everyone's favorite purple dinosaur Barney. You were some kind of makeshift army man and the characters would bounce around the screen with various obstacles and holes you could fall into. When you shot them their bodies would explode and their heads would fall into a pool of blood.

I am terribly sorry to anyone who loved Power Rangers or Barney back in the day. No harm done, right?

I was scanning the internet today for this game and came upon the developers website thanks to good old Wikipedia. I read about some newer software that Clickteam had been working on. One thing that caught my eye was The Games Factory 2. The program appears to be as user friendly as K&P and most likely offers the same level of creativity. One thing about K&P that I liked was modifying objects in the game and just re-drawing everything without having to worry about "programming" or "scripting." It's unclear if you can do this with The Games Factory 2 also but I am assuming it's possible.

I also came across a link where you can download the original Klik & Play for free... presumably. I am at work right now and don't feel like actually downloading this and trying it out but I'll know right when I get home tonight.

I like to get creative with programs like these quite frequently. I was wondering if any of you have ever used anything like this? Also if you're into 3D modeling the program I like to use is Milkshape but I doubt I could incorporate those models into something as simple as The Games Factory 2. I also do Flash animation and mess around with scripting and whatnot in that. I mostly do music videos but I haven't submitted anything for a long time to Newgrounds where I put my flash up. You can view my work here just look for the name Tim Urlacher. I love me some Radiohead.

So anybody here every try any of these game development programs? If so, what did you think. They seem like a simple and fast way to express oneself as far as I can tell.
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