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Quantum of Solace: Demo Impressions


Before I start this blog I’d like to mention that I really, really hate short demos, and Quantum of Solace was an extremely short demo. It barely gave you enough time to learn the controls That just isn’t good enough for a 600MB download. It’s almost insulting.

Like I said above, the demo is short and you really don’t know what the heck is going on. The demo places you in some sewers and you witness one of your fellow agents getting shot down. You catch a glimpse of his murderer and run past the agent who’s laying next to a Sony Vaio (expect to see Sony Ericsson phones and Blu-Ray players like you did in Casino Royal) and begin the chase.

It surprisingly does catch that fast paced, heart pumping feeling that you got from Casino Royal (minus the parkour). The gunplay feels exactly like Call of Duty 4’s with the exception of the cover system. If you’ve ever played Rainbow Six Vegas it should feel familiar. You walk up to a wall or anything that allows for cover and hit the E key. You’ll go into third person from there, and you can then start popping off any heads that peak out of cover.

When I booted up the demo I was surprised that I was able to run the game on max settings on my PC. Then I remembered that it was using the Call of Duty 4 engine. Like the Unreal Engine, the game runs fairly well on mid range PCs. I don’t know if the engine itself is showing it’s age or they didn’t mind that the game looked anything but stellar. It wasn’t bad, but it also didn’t surpass Call of Duty 4 with it’s visuals.

The demo was fun, but I feel like I can’t give an honest opinion about it. It was a first person shooter. The gunplay works, the cover system felt right, but that’s all I can really say. The game could be good. It all depends on the types of situations they put you in, and keeping that fast paced action going throughout. Cool game, horribly demo, Activision. Give us more!

Though the movie looks good!
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