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CRAP! I want a DS and a Wii ... Again!


I'll admit it. If you have it in you to rewind the clocks back a bit, you'll see. I was a hardcore Nintendo fanboy. I had a DS, a DS Lite and I was ridin the railway toward Wii Central Station - if only I could have found one of the blasted little white consoles in stock. In fact, all of my life I've supported Nintendo. Had an original NES, SNES, GC and every portable that I could get my mitts on. Pokemon, Mario, DK, Metroid. You name it, I was a fan.

Than something happened that changed my world.

My dad came home on boxing day carrying a shiny new LG 50" plasma HDTV. "Wow! Awesome! Amazing! So big! So vibrant!" I was like a moth to a lantern. But the most highly anticipated part of it all, for me, was getting to play games on the bad boy. At the time I didn't own any home consoles (like I said, holding out for the Wii) so I was kind of held out to dry for a while.

Than one day my buddy came over with his launch day Wii. Boy was I excited. I just wanted to plug her in and whip around some tennis balls, smash a few skulls in boxing and strike em out in baseball. I didn't care about the fact that he didn't have component cables. I just wanted to play the beautiful games on my beautiful HDTV.

How wrong I was.

The blurred textures. The low frame rate. The lag. "This sucks! I know they said the Wii was weak but c'mon!" My friend agreed. After that, I had PS360 vision. All I looked at was reviews for games like Halo 3 and GTA4 and MGS4 on Gametrailers (in HD, might I add). "Seriously", I thought "These are real games. I've been missing out my whole life."

Now back to the present.

Nearly a month ago, my girlfriend purchased me a 60gb 360. Lost Planet. Gorgeous. Bioshock. Impeccable. Tales of Vesperia. Stunning. I was right. I was missing out. Not to mention speedy, user-friendly online play, DVD playback, playing content from my PC and PSP... Surely, this is heaven.

Wrong again.

After seeing the DSi (which, I realize won't match the success of the DS Lite, but throw some RAM on that and it's my dream portable) and taking a look at the Wii again... I've realized that I've built up that need for Nintendo. Add to this the fact that my dad kicked me off the plasma back to the 32" tube in the back and that we got a new Wireless N Router which, admittedly would make WFC a tad more bearable... Regardless, at heart, I'm still a fanboy. So if you're listening Nintendo, I'm comin home mama... When I get a new job anyway.

P.S. All that said, I still wouldn't trade my 360 for the world. It's probably the best present I've ever received and from the person most important to me as well. <3

P.S.S. Till than I'm gonna go play some Halo 3.
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