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"GTA4 Should Have Been $90" ... No.


In Part 3 of the Gametrailers.tv Episode 26 Bonus Round, one Michael Pachter (some analyst for a Western USA investment firm) made this statement.

*The statement is about 3 quarters of the way in. Search for it. It's there, trust me.*

"Why doesn't a really high demand game go for $90?"

I think one of the best thrills of buying a really good game is always feeling like you got a good deal. When you see your game sitting there on the rack of your EB for along with a variety of other similarly priced games, doesn't it make you feel good to know that you can purchase your game, enjoy it and feel like you didn't pay anything extra but got more satisfaction? Doesn't it add value?

I'm not saying GTA or any other popular game series wouldn't sell well at a higher price point. And if you love something enough, you always come out feeling like a winner no matter how much you paid for it. But even so I don't think sheer popularity is reason enough to pump the prices up that much... For $30 extra I better at least be getting my Master Chief helmet.

Than again it's being spoken through the perspective of a developer... What do you think? Let me know.
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