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The Cocoon - Virtual Reality(VGR)


The Cocoon

Oh Shit.

This is how it starts man. VR man, its like the first domino, and the last one ends up with us living thousands of feet underground fighting against a seemingly endless number of bloodthirsty and floating robots with a taste for sleeping human as well.

No really...

Seriously though, virtual reality, would it be the wave of the future for video games? Immersing yourself in a near real world to shoot Nazis/aliens/ducks, racing around at dangerous speeds, crashing at those same speeds, zipping around in an F-15, shooting down Korean/Russian/Anything-Not-American pilots, or somehow directing different shaped blocks into place like a puzzle of some sort? Would you be down for that?

Me, emmmmmm.....

When I read the article, I thought to my self, at first, that translating this into video games would be really amazing and pretty cool (albeit expensive like a hotel in Hell), you know, playing Crysis with all that beauty actually surrounding you, actually having a new level of depth, even having environmental effects, (rain, heat, cold), all while shooting aliens and Koreans and shit.

Then the expensive part really hit me. This shit would be so expensive, it would be fucking bananas. The cost of just one of these things would be astronomical. Then there's space factors, if you wanted to own one of these "Cocoon" things, or even a later model, finding a suitable place to actually place it, at least for me. I don't have a single place to fit this thing, if it's going to take my (skinny)body.

And programming games for the thing, just thinking about it is a bloody fucking nightmare, not to mention the crap games we'd have to play.

So basically, I don't know my stance on VR. I already know my stance on the Wii's control scheme, and when it works out, it's really fun for me, but VR is a whole other story. Just imagine the horror games you'd play....

Image has been censored because it would probably freak the fuck out and turn on you sick motherfuckers at the same time. Thank you.

Source Of Article - G4/CNN
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