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All My DnD: My Character(NVGR)


I love the smell of hot dice in the morning.

Well, yesterday after noon, I got around to rolling for my character, and I had my DM as my witness. After buying the nifty looking dice you see above, and the GLOW IN THE DARK Spider-Bag (heh, SpiderBag), we ventured off to the library to start the character creation process.

Unfortunately, when we got to the library, it was about 4:50 PM, and the damn place closes at 5 sharp.

So, we rolled for stats and then hopped it over to my place to then start the character creation process.

Choosing the race of Human and the class of Barbarian, and the name Harley Boss, let me tell you, I apparently got some badass first rolls, which transferred into my stats like this:


While Dexterity hampered my ability to choose some skills that I really wanted (ala Hide), I did put 4 points in Intimidate and Craft(Alchemy) and Climb, 2 in Disguise, 1 in Move Silently, and the rest went to a skill I can't quite remember, but my DM has the character sheet, and you'll figure out why later.

Oh, and my Armor Class is abysmal. 11. Ewwww.

Though you might not believe it, I'm the poorest motherfucker on Sesame Street...

We then moved on to weapons, in which I chose a Scythe that, and I quote the DM on this, deals "2d4+6 on regular attacks, 8d4+24 on Crits", which in layman's terms means I kill shit real good. I also invested in a Warhammer (Which reminds me, I need to try that game out), a backpack, a Winter Blanket, a Torch, some flint n shit, and that left with with about 37 gold pieces. In a funny note, my Barbarian doesn't know what the fuck "Platinum" is, and neither do I. We plan to learn.

It kinda feels relevant.

Last up was Feats and Following A Religion. Feats, I chose Power Attack and Cleave, which can be described like this: If there where two rats, and I rolled to kill one of them, I can roll again, and if successful, kill the other rat in the same swinging motion. This will come in handy when facing hordes...of rats...as well as other baddies. Religion, I chose to follow Olidammara, as I am Chaotic Neutral, and I plan to prank some idiots with my Thunderstones that take weeks to create because of my Dexterity. Oh yes.

That mask is badass.

I have to say, I never thought making a character for DnD would be that much fun. All through the number crunching and looking through the 30 dollar Players Guide (I need to get me one of those, BTW), the DM and I where poking fun at what I had chosen to do, my amazing rolls, and how I would play into the Campaign as this badass that does a minimal of 20 on a Crit. Which will be fun to actually role play myself.

Oh boy, I can't wait for next week.

Oh wait, I still need to run by rules. Damn.
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